How to score above 90% in the class 8 English exam?

English is the main subject in Class 8. It is an important subject for scoring good marks because English is used all over and throughout life. Students should have good fluency in English. Students should know about the detailed syllabus and pattern of the paper to score good marks. In class 8, there are two textbooks for English by skype literature. The first book is Honeydew which has a total of 10 units. The second is the supplementary textbook and has 11 units. The English exam is for 80 marks. 20 marks are for internal assessment. Out of 80 marks, section A that is reading carries 20 marks, section B that is writing and Grammar carries 30 marks, and section C is literature that carries 30 marks. 

  • In section A, there will be two unseen passages of 5 marks each and one unseen passage of 10 marks.
  • In section B, there will be two writing questions of 10 marks each, 2 grammar questions of 3 marks each and one grammar question of 4 marks.
  • In section C, there are 2 RTC questions of 3 marks each, 1 RTC question of 4 marks, 5 literature questions of 2 marks each, and one diary entry of 10 marks. 

The literature part has stories and poems from the two books that help students to learn literary skills. They can refer to Vedantu class 8 English honeydew notes. The grammar section makes sure that students should learn different grammar rules that can help them to improve communication skills. The writing section helps students to express their thoughts on the paper. 

Pattern of paper

In class 8, students will have the given pattern of the English paper:

Unseen comprehension

It is the best part to score good marks. It is quite easy and does not require much effort. Students have to read the given passage carefully for finding the answers to the given questions. Students can practice unseen passages from extra books such as BBC, U-like, past year papers, etc.

Writing skills

In this section, most questions carry 10 marks. The marks are divided into different parts such as 3 marks are for the format, 4 for content, and 3 for fluency and grammar. Students can see the sample papers for getting some idea about writing skills. Students can first think about the given topic. They can write important points on the rough side. After writing the important points, they can elaborate the points further to write accordingly. They should add different ideas in their articles.


Students should practice a lot of grammar exercises from different books. The grammar part is very scoring and students should revise all the rules before the exam. Knowing grammar rules can also help students to make proper sentences. They can write good essays and letters if they know grammar rules properly. Students can practice grammar exercises from English grammar by Wren and Martin and Understanding and Using English Grammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar.


Students should read all the lessons and poems in both books thoroughly. Students can mark important points in every lesson. If they do not understand any paragraphs, they can consult with their teacher. Students should understand poems properly. Students have to write long answers from the literature due to which they have to study the lessons and poems carefully. For long answers, students have to write about 150-200 words in 3-4 paragraphs. 

Tips and tricks to get above 90% in class 8 English exam

A few tips and tricks are given here that can help students to get above 90% in the class 8 English exam:

Students should attempt the paper in the given sequence:

They should do the reading section in the beginning because it takes a lot of time to finish the reading part. Students can score full marks in the reading section by reading the passages carefully. Answers are given in the passages and students have to focus on the main points in the passage to solve the given questions. 

After doing the reading section, students should focus on the writing section. Students have to think a lot about writing. It also includes the grammar part. It is also easy to get full marks in the grammar part if students are well versed with the grammar rules. 

Students should do the literature part at the end because they are familiar with the lessons and can write the answers quickly. Deep knowledge and understanding of the literature are important for scoring good marks in the literature part. 

For the grammar section, students should revise all grammar rules at least three to four times before exams. They should remember the format for the writing section. Students should not exceed the given word limit for the writing section and literature questions. Exceeding the word limit can give a bad impact on the examiner and students can lose marks. 

In the literature, students should do the long answers first because they are time-consuming and carry more marks. Students can devote 50 minutes to every section and can spare some time for revision. This will help them to make sure that they have attempted all the questions. 

Students should leave proper space after finishing every question. They should try to underline the important headings. They should write everything in clean handwriting for easy understanding by the examiner. 

The class 8 English grammar will include the following topics:

  •       Active and passive voice
  •       Tenses
  •       Pronouns
  •       Direct and indirect speech
  •       Verb
  •       Adverb
  •       Conjunction
  •       Preposition
  •       Phrases and Idioms
  •       Vocabulary
  •       Comprehension reading

Syllabus for class 8 English writing

In the writing section, students should practice the following:

  •       Notice
  •       Story writing
  •       Formal and informal letter writing
  •       Diary entry
  •       Essay writing

Students should have proper knowledge of grammar rules and writing skills to score good marks in English exams. English can help students in the future when they have to appear for competitive exams. It is the core subject and an important language spoken all over the world. Learning the basic rules of writing will help students to achieve their goals in the future.


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