How to serve ikura?

Do you have to serve the audience that prefer fish eggs? Are you confused how to fulfil their desire? The main aim is to deliver ikura dishes in the way that is appealing. And don’t worry because there are various serving method.

They will give you the appetizing look and everyone wants to taste that. You should satisfy the desire of your audience by serving the ikura in a proper way. It is not that difficult because but hard sometimes. Some people even destroy the taste of the ikura by serving them in the worst method.

Every thing has a proper way and you should learn that because ikura is slowly becoming favorite with sushi. Be ready to learn how to serve. So lets begin to learn.

  • Salmon with ikura and yogurt

Have you try this before? If not then you should have to try they and serve them together and everyone would love to have this. And if you have this before then you should know that how much amazing it  taste.

Isn’t it?

Well, you can advice others to have this serving method because not only its taste good but also this way of serving is healthy and everyone can preferred to have it.  But still you wouldn’t like this style of serving then don’t worry because alternative ways are still on the way for people who don’t like yogurt.

  • Ikura and soy marinated

If you wanted to have the salty taste of ikura then you have to eat the ikura with soy marinated rather the sweet taste of ikura with yogurt. They all taste good and preferred as you like. One give the salty and other give the sweet taste which is all your choice. All you have to do is just marinate the ikura in soy sauce and boom! All set to go.

Do you know amazing thing?

It can also be stored in the freezer and you can eat when ever you want but be sure that the ikura must be in the jar rather in the opened utensil.

  • Rice bowl and ikura

A bowl of rice is everyone’s favorite but with ikura the its taste super delicious. They think it will add flavor to rice and turn into a good dish then just simple having fish eggs.

Do you wonder to make more delicious?

Then you should grab the sesame seed, Wasabi, and nori strips. All you have to do is to mix them well and turn the rice bowl into the spicy dish which have to power to make it appealing.

  • Ikura with scrambled eggs

The alternative way of marinated soy ikura is that you add the eggs in the serving. If you don’t  wanted to have only marinated ikura then you can eat them up with the eggs. It will become more nutritive and taste good.

Final thoughts

I hope that you know about the serving method. You can serve in whatever they way you like and people preferred to eat. All the serving method is super tasty to eat.


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