How To Take Care of Wigs

Everyone wants their hair wig to look amazing & natural, isn’t it? You do know that you have to wash it & take proper care of it, but how much do you know about its nuances or the kind of steps you should take depending on the wig you have? I’m sure the answer is no.

That’s why I am going to help you with a home care routine that will help you wash your wig in the right manner & keep it prim & proper always. So whether it is an expensive or affordable human hair wig, our tips will keep you covered.

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Blonde Wigs

Our natural hair is prone to damage due to air pollution, water, sun & so much more. Imagine the damage a blonde wig will have to bear, given the fact that it is over-styled & has gone through so much processing. In order to take better care of your 613 blonde wigs, follow these steps:

  • Use a proper deep repair mask or leave-in conditioner to keep your wigs hydrated.
  • Keep it far away from blow-dryers & avoid heat styling completely.
  • If you are stepping out in the sun, wear a hat to protect your blonde wig from UV rays.
  • Give your hair a cold wash to keep it shiny always.

Bob wigs

If you have a bob transparent lace wig, then you are lucky, simply because it is easy to maintain short hair than long. Here are two rules that you must follow while taking care of them:

  • Style your hair only when it’s wet. It’s always easy to curl & cut your hair at that time.
  • Always give your hair a nice trim. This will create a natural trim.
  • Avoid excessive heat, over styling & shedding.

Where Can You Purchase The Best Types Of Wigs?

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Water Weave Wigs

One of the common reasons why women choose water weave wigs is because it has amazing longevity. Its loose & carefree curly bundles will make your hair like you’re on a holiday all year. Here are some ways to maintain it.

  • Detangle your wig with a dry-toothed comb. Paddle drying the brush can yield smooth results.
  • Never brush your wig when it’s wet. Wait for it to dry out naturally & then you can hang them.
  • Use a heat-protecting spray between medium to low temperatures if you want to curl or straighten your hair.

Bundles Weave

Bundles weave are amazing, but taking good care of them is even better. With new varieties like closure and bundles on the rise, wearing wigs has become super convenient. Women who take care of their bundles weave are less prone to hair damage, hair loss, or another issue. So if you want to know how to take care of them, here are some points to help.

  • Wash your hair twice a week in order to get rid of accumulated dirt & build-up.
  • Condition your weaves once a week to help to detangle your hair & retain moisture.
  • Always use a pillow & satin scarf to protect your tresses at night.


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