How To Use Temporary Phone Numbers To Sign Up For Any Service

Nowadays internet users have numerous opportunities that earlier seemed unreal to have and use. For example, it is no longer necessary to own a phone number to sign up for a website or app that asks to verify it during registration. It is not even necessary to have a mobile phone anymore. Such a feature as a temporary phone number eliminated the need for both these things when creating an account on any online service. Learn how to use it for the intended purpose from this article.

Ease of use

Temporary numbers might seem complicated to some users. This often happens especially to new users. But it is not true. Initially, temporary phone numbers were designed as a solution that everyone can use because of their simplicity and convenience. They succeeded in this way. There is nothing difficult about using them whoever does this.

Using temporary numbers is only about visiting the appropriate platform on the internet. They operate in the form of both websites and apps for mobile phones and PCs. You don’t have to provide any confidential data when signing up for them as well as to provide it when using their services. In addition, most often those platforms have smooth and user-friendly designs which make using them way easier. It is less likely that even newcomers will face any issues.

Global acceptance

Some people worry if they will be able to use temporary phone numbers when residing in one or another place. This is so because every number is issued by a cellular carrier in a certain country and it is not possible to utilize a SIM card from one country in another unless it has a roaming feature which is pretty rare. It is not the case with temporary numbers though.

Since they work over the internet, potential users might access them all over the world. It only requires any device with an internet connection. Moreover, temporary phone numbers work for registration on literally every service. To concretize, they are suitable for creating accounts on:

  • Social media networking sites;
  • Instant messengers;
  • Dating apps;
  • Food and other delivery platforms;
  • Online marketplaces, etc.

These are only the most popular kinds of services available for use with temporary numbers. However, there are no limitations in this regard anyway. You are free to utilize such numbers so sign up for any online projects.

Where to obtain a temporary number?

This solution is offered by numerous relevant providers on the internet. Using them for appropriate purposes is the task of minutes. But it is pretty easy to choose the wrong provider as there are also many fraudulent ones. We would recommend using a reliable platform called SMS-Man which is a great choice for both new and old users.

You will find there some of the lowest prices on the market, a wide choice of countries for cellular carriers, and more than a thousand supported websites and apps. Here is how to get and use a temporary phone number with this platform:

  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Use one or another payment method from those that are available to replenish your balance with funds.
  3. Go to the homepage of the website and select the country of a cellular carrier from the countries list as well as the required online service when browsing the section with websites and apps.
  4. Purchase and use a temporary number for registration on a previously selected service.
  5. Click on the “Get SMS” button to reveal the verification code.

That’s it. Even for newcomers it takes no longer than a few minutes to complete the process from beginning to end. Temporary phone numbers are no doubt an awesome tool for people who don’t want to use their personal mobile phone numbers but still need to register with one or another service that forces users to go through mobile number verification.

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