How to visit Neil Island

 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Neil Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is omost recognised for its rich biodiversity and amazing white sandy beaches. It has a lot of places to see and exlore. This little island, currently known as the Shaheed Dweep, covers an area of 13.7 square kilometres and is mostly covered with forest.

Neil Island in Andaman is ideally suited for visitors who want to spend a laid-back holiday in Andaman, out from the city sounds and into the magnificent world of perfect peacefulness, owing to the unavailability of cars, markets, fewer resorts, and less population.

Neil Island, known for its remarkable biodiversity, untouched coral reefs, beautiful sandy beaches, and tropical woods, is ideal for a relaxing vacation. Most of the attractions and places at Neil Island are named after the characters in Ramayana. From beaches to locations to name a few.

Reaching the Neil Island 

Neil Island may be reached by ferry from Port Blair or Havelock Island. There are both government ferries and private ferries/cruises that interconnect the islands on a daily basis. A ferry ride to the island normally takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

Helicopter services are also available at Neil Island which allows for significantly speedier transport but largely meant for government officials. Taking a private ship is the greatest method to commute. The tickets on the public boats are largely reserved for islanders, and with no possibility for online booking, getting a guaranteed ticket is quite unlikely.

Movement within Neil Island 

For the movement within the Neil, several options are available with the tourists.

  • Rental Bikes and Bicycles 

Renting a Scooter is the ideal way to explore Neil Island. The roads are straight with no complicated curves and the accessibility is quite easy. There are several rental bike stores and merchants around Neil. Bicycles are also in the vogue nowadays as it is cheap, eco-friendly and slow to experience to the fullest.

  • Auto Rickshaw ( regionally called Tuk-Tuk)

Auto Rickshaws are easily accessible at the jetty and may be a terrific way to discover Neil; however, take in mind that there are fewer autos near lesser-visited areas like Sitapur and Ramnagar Beach.

  • Public Buses 

There is just one public bus in Neil, which is run by the government and serves the people. You may visit the islands by boarding a bus, but be sure to inquire about the bus’s schedule.

  • Cabs and Taxis

Most people, especially those travelling with their families, choose pre-booked automobiles for a comfy tour and help near and on the location. The taxis are available at Neil Island, however, it is recommended to book it advance.

To-do list in the Neil Island 

1. The 3- Point Tour 

The three-point trip brings you to three separate ends of the island, each with its own set of attractions. The excursion includes visits to Bharatpur Beach, Sitapur Beach, and Laxmanpur Beach.

This trip is regarded as the greatest form of the tour in Neil since it brings you to Sitapur Beach in the morning for the sunrise, then to Bharatpur Beach where you may try out and experience the thrill of water activities with your friends and family, and then to spend the day with some refreshments.

After lunch, head to Laxmanpur Beach and see the white sand shoreline as well as the natural rock formations. Stay there for the evening, soaking in the spectacular sunset, before returning to the hotel.

2. Snorkelling and Scuba Diving 

Along with the undersea beauty, Neil Island has various beaches with clean water shorelines and gentle waves that are ideal for snorkelling. While entering Bharatpur Beach, you may immediately identify merchants and guides for this.

Most of the resorts at Neil Island rent out snorkelling equipment on an hourly basis. Furthermore, some establishments have private beaches where you may snorkel. Small lagoons on Ramnagar and Laxmanpur beaches are ideal for snorkelling. And the same goes for the water sport of scuba diving.

3. Glass Bottom Boat Ride

This activity is a boon for those who dislike getting wet in the water. While the name implies, the vessel has a see-through glass floor from which you can observe fish and corals as the skipper leads you around the shallow and lush waters famed for having the densest swarms of fishes. Several operators are offering this activity in Bharatpur Beach and near the jetty.

4. Trekking is fun here 

Neil is a tropical paradise with deep tropical jungles to explore if you enjoy trekking. You may wander to your heart’s delight, from calm forests supplemented by a diverse range of birds to extensive plantations of trees. Make it a point to never go trekking without a guide.

5. Riding a 2 wheeler around the Neil

Neil’s roads are quite simple to ride on (no severe bends or slopes), and the island is easy to navigate, thus cycling or riding across Neil may be quite an expedition. Rental mobility scooters are accessible directly at the pier, and many resorts have their cycles and motorcycles for lease.

Time required for Exploring Neil 

It’s difficult to put a timetable on a location like Neil Island. People with limited time come here during the day on their journey back to Port Blair from Havelock. Backpackers frequently stay in Neil for extended periods.

You can customise a holiday package to Neil Island which contains all your transfers, cruises, sightseeing and all other minute details that has to be taken care when you are visiting Neil Island. A perfect place for trips to Neil Island. A personal tour coordinator is assigned to you who takes care of all your local ground requirements. From Sightseeing, hotels, trips, activities all gets covered during the tour.

Accommodation in the Neil Island 

Apart from the tourism attractions, the stay encounter on Neil Island is what draws a large number of visitors. The island offers it all, from luxurious resorts with padauk interiors to Ecological huts and low-cost accommodations.

‍There are a plethora of options as far as lodging is concerned one can get the desired accommodation based on the budget in different areas of the Island. Ranging from the cheap eco-huts to luxury resorts.

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