How to win at Andar Bahar in Casino?

Andar Bahar is probably the most popular online casino card game for real money. There are a number of the best online casinos in India that offer variants of this game. Playing online Andar Bahar is not that different from playing with friends. Once you have all the essential things to be eligible to play, you can take part in the online Andar Bahar by placing a bet and winning real money. One of the major advantages of playing online is- you can play whenever you want with your smartphones if you have a proper internet connection.

How to play Andar Bahar

While playing Andar Bahar online game, the dealer will deal you the card, dealing one face-up card in the middle of the Andar Bahar table. If the game you are playing is live Andar Bahar, you can view every move of the dealer in real-time on your phone screen.

After the card is dealt by the dealer players can place their bets. After the bets are placed, the dealer starts dealing one card at a time on each side until the same value comes up. If the joker card comes up on the side that you bet on, you win if not you lose.

If you are planning to get started playing online, start your journey with the best online casino in India that offers almost all live casino games including an INR 1000 signup bonus for new players.

How to play Andar Bahar Live Casino

As we already mentioned it’s not a lot different than playing with your friends. Firstly, you need to choose the best online casino that has the availability of live Andar Bahar. All the playing procedures and strategies of playing will be displayed on their respective website. To get started, you need to register on the online casino and deposit Indian rupees into your account.

Once registered don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus. Almost all of the casinos provide welcome bonuses. You can evaluate casinos through their welcome bonus as well. Once you get familiar with the portal you can deposit your real money and start betting and convert your winning bet into your real money.

Winning Tricks of Andar Bahar in Online Casino

Winning Tricks of Andar Bahar game in Online Casino

When you get ready to play with your real money, follow these tricks to help you boost your winning chance. Keep in mind that since Andar Bahar is a luck-based game, you can only improve some chances of winning and it is not a guarantee to win.

  1. Make Small Bets

While playing for the first time, always start with small bet amounts. A small bet amount lets you play for a long period. Besides you can double your bet after each loss to improve your bankroll. Once you get familiar with the game and its rules, you can gradually increase your betting amount.

  1. Master the Game

You must first learn the game completely before you can begin playing. This will assist you in avoiding a significant loss of your hard-earned money. Having a complete information about the game that you want to play including the rules of playing, the bets around the table, and the probability of winning each bet you placed will add you plus points of winning.

  1. Make use of Side bets

Side bets are the additional bets that might have more odds than the regular table bets, If you have more knowledge about the gameplay, you can easily identify the advantage of side bets. Available Side bets help to boost your winning potentials, a combination of these side bets has more possibilities to win more.

  1. Manage your Bankroll

As the Andar Bahar game is easy and simple to play, it is also quite easy to lose huge amounts in a short period of time. The rounds on the game are also extremely fast, so you must stick to your budget and not overspend. Planning ahead before the round starts is a great idea to keep your bankroll in check.

Tips and Tricks for New Players

For new players, there are several Andar Bahar live casino tactics to use, the most important of which are bonuses. As mentioned earlier, almost all casinos provide signup bonuses. You can always explore offers before you deposit into your account so that you don’t miss out on any free money.

Also, explore the online casino that suits your style of playing keeping in mind the money bonuses and offers that they provide.


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