Hurt at work in Richmond? Check these pointers

Workplace injuries are reported quite often in Richmond. Many injured workers are blatantly unaware of their rights and don’t know how to file a workers’ compensation. If you are in a similar situation, you may want to hire a Richmond workers’ compensation attorney to know more about your case. Here are some key pointers that you must remember – 

  1. Report your injury. All injured workers are required to report the accident to their respective employers at the earliest. If you failed to do so on the same day as the mishap happened, do it without delay and within 30 days. Failure to do so may impact your claim adversely.
  2. Complete the accident report. Don’t be vague in how you report your accident to your employer. The accident report is one of the most critical pieces of evidence, and if you write anything that’s not clear, the insurance company may claim that your injury is non-compensable.  
  3. File a Claim Form with the Commission. Even when the insurance company is voluntarily paying for the medical bills, you should still file your claim with the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. While the deadline is two years for that, you should do it at the earliest. 
  4. Keep all records. Because the outcome of such injuries can be devastating, you need to ensure that you save all the medical documentation that may prove your injury. Keep all slips and bills, including the work notes from your doctor. 
  5. Don’t fall for insurance tactics. An insurance adjuster may seem like a nice person who wants to help you but be wary of trusting them. They may suddenly stop paying the benefits as they please, and anything you tell them could be used against you. 
  6. Beware of the situation. Insurance adjusters often rely on private investigators to gather information to prove that an injured worker doesn’t need to be on the restrictions that have been prescribed to them. As such, beware of people following you. 
  7. Get an attorney. While you can file a workers’ compensation insurance on your own, you may benefit from contacting an experienced attorney. Just ensure that you work with an attorney who is locally based and takes up workers’ comp cases as their key area of practice. 

Call an attorney to know the workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to, and yes, always ensure that you consult your lawyer before talking to the insurance company. 

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