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Importance of Article Marketing

Your business needs uplifting.

You have done exactly as the internet marketing guys have told you.

You’ve created a website, got your business on Facebook, and even created a Twitter account. You’re even using SocialWick to boost your Facebook and Twitter presence.

Now just sit back and watch the sales and the profits go through the roof. 


You’re certainly on the right path, but you must remember the number one rule that has stood the test of time throughout the history of marketing, sales, and business -:

People buy from people.

You have taken the right step forward by creating a website for your business, but what use is this if you have no traffic coming to your website? Traffic increases sales. There are no two ways about this.

You have got to prove to the world (potential customers) that you are human, just like them, and that you know what you are talking about, you care for your customers, and you are always on hand to help them.

You have got to be credible; you have got to be trustworthy.

This is where Article Marketing kicks in.

Marketing is everywhere. It is in everything. Marketing rules our consuming world.

When a person wants to purchase something online, they search for it. They go to Google, type in their desired product and, generally, click on either of the first few options that come up on Google.

You want Your website to come at the top of this list. This gains traffic. This increases sales. Sales mean profits. This is the ultimate goal, right?

There are various methods that internet marketers use to increase the popularity of websites, but how can you do it?

Search engines are filled with Spiders that scan websites looking for the most relevant information in relation to the original Google search.

In order to come across as ‘relevant’ to these Spiders, you must possess as much relevant information, keywords, and phrases as possible.

Writing articles, blogs, and newsletters increases your word count (helping the Spiders) and allows you to publish your writing on various websites (again, making life easier for Spiders). Always remember to put backlinks to your website on every article.

By constantly writing and updating articles, people will see that you are credible and believable. They will trust that you are putting time and effort into your business, and with so many articles out there – you clearly know what you are talking about.

There are various article marketing strategies you should use to improve your online presence. You can go down the email marketing route, the direct marketing route, or, well, practically any marketing route you can think of.

The important thing is to have as many articles as possible all over the internet. You must write concisely and in a conversational tone (again, it adds to you being human, as oppose to being ANOTHER business website machine). Always include your name and bio. A bio is not a life story; it is your name, web address, and your unique selling proposition – why should people visit your website, why should they buy from you?

Internet marketing articles are different pieces about your business. Do you own a restaurant? Write an article about your specialty meal – publish it all over the internet, put backlinks to your website.

Offer to send out a monthly newsletter and email it to people who sign up.

If it is good, people will visit your website.

If your website is good, people will buy your product.

If your product is good, people will tell their friends, family, and peers.

You cannot avoid business marketing.

More and more people are cottoning on to this, making a single website increasingly difficult to find its way to the top of Google. Therefore, the importance of article marketing is essential. If your articles (therefore your backlinks to your website) can be found on scores of different websites, then this can only increase the awareness and presence of your business.

Advertise on Facebook and Twitter that you have published a new article. Make the article fun and interesting to read. Make people look forward to reading the next one.

People might come across your article now and not be interested in your product – but make sure they remember you, your name, and your business the next time they DO want to buy your product.

People buy from people.

Always remember this.


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