Improve your alluring fashion style

How to use the novelties of new fashion trends in your everyday style, for a special occasion or going out. How to remain stylish and feminine, daring and elegant? Is it even possible to combine what seems to be absolutely opposite?

Moreover, can a women harness be worn at work?

The answer is yes, but it has to be done tastefully. Leather woman harness can easily brighten up your outfits, as well as make you stand out from the crowd.

Leather body harness

Harnesses for women is an accessory consisting of several leather belts of different lengths, intertwined around the body and ending with a chic belt at the waist or lingerie bondage.

Some psychologists advise shy and modest girls to wear a harness at least sometimes in order to increase self-esteem through surprised and enthusiastic looks. After all, this decoration has never gone unnoticed.

The intricate weaving of straps, which are no longer made only of leather, allows you to create a large number of models.

    The main types include:

  • Classic look with an accent on the waist. It reduces visual volumes, emphasizing the harmony of the figure.
  • Wide belt with corset or suspenders. Works well with a V-shape to define the hips, smoothing and rounding them.
  • Models with shoulder pads. Suitable for a pear-shaped figure. They focus on the shoulders, visually expanding them and balancing them with the volume of the hips.

There are numerous ways how to wear body harness woman.

Leather lingerie

Women’s leather harnesses is a huge scope for experimentation. A woman in leather lingerie is associated with a warrior who can easily conquer anyone. Designers create sexy outfits not only from fine lace or silk, but also from leather. If you want to surprise your lover and awaken passion in him, buy yourself a spectacular set of leather lingerie.

We know some lingerie-inspired looks to wear out, how to show-off these lace designs looking stylish. The most popular among girls are open sets and outfits, complemented by lingerie bondage and corset.

If you want to surprise your man, feel free to buy the most open sexual harness or strapon harness. Leather thongs and an open bra will make your look very effective. In addition, there are spectacular panties with slits in intimate places, which will precisely set your lover in the right way.

Leg garters

Garters are a stylish element of the bow for bold and liberated women who are not afraid to express their individuality and sexuality. Such an inconspicuous little thing is able to favorably emphasize the natural forms, to focus on a thin waist or lush breasts, seductive slender legs. Ankle and leg strap system will make any look brighter and more expressive.

The exclusive leather belt system can be the basis for many interesting looks in a wide variety of styles. They can be combined with shorts, dresses and skirts of different lengths, trousers, jeans, leggings and many other things.

The combination of a fashion accessory with cropped shorts looks good. In such a composition, not only the garter for the shins is appropriate, but also the one that is intended for the hips. An excellent solution is casual denim shorts and a system of leather straps that wrap around the upper part of slender legs.

Accessories that are worn on the calves are more versatile, as they are ideally combined with almost any skirt (short and medium), emphasizing natural shapes.

Take a stance and assert your true self as the world admires your unique beauty entwined by harnesses for women.

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