India’s Best Slots and Online Casinos 2023

Virtual slot machines come in several types: slots, cards, roulette, dice and other types of gambling. The most common, however, are slots, which account for 80 to 99% of the range of online casino games. On them let us elaborate.

Slots, a program that imitates a mechanical machine: they have 3-7 vertical reels, the symbols that make up 3-5 horizontal lines. The player must specify the bet amount and press the start button, after which the reels will start to rotate. The winnings are awarded if the horizontal row will fall 3 or more of the same symbol. Initially, online machines and graphics, and functionality were close to the mechanical bandits & ‖, but in recent years, manufacturers are trying to make them more and more bizarre, and this concerns both graphics and internal bonuses, and features of the playing field.

The components of the slot machine pop spins

Consider in detail what parts consist of slot machines online:

  • The button accepting bets. With its help, the client indicates the amount that he is ready to put on the line. Specialists POP Spins India draw your attention that in some machines the size of the bet is not specified in the money, but in escrow chips with a certain rate.
  • Information panel – it indicates the payout for this or that combination of symbols, information about the internal bonuses of the machine and a description of the features of the gameplay, if it differs from the standard. Most often designated by the letter “i”.
  • Spin activation button – allows to make one spin. Many machines also have an autorotation function: when you run it, the spins will continue until a manual stop or until there is no money left in the account. Sometimes the slot machine allows you to pre-set the number of spins or limit loss.
  • A set of reels with symbols – their rotations provide a winning or losing bet. Usually in the machine from three to seven reels.
  • Winning Lines – Meaning the “trajectories” in which the same symbols can be placed to bring the winnings. Depending on the machine, they can only be straight or broken. Most slots casinos have a fixed number of lines, but sometimes the customer can choose their number himself (experts pop spins draw your attention, that in this case, along with the number of lines increases and the minimum allowable rate).

Risk games (there are not all machines): they can be activated after winning. As a rule, they are a mini card game (for example, for guessing a suit) and, depending on its results, double or burn your winnings. Using risk games is a matter of your personal taste and love of risk.

Finally, let’s take a closer look at the “heart” of any machine, that is, the random number generator: it is it that determines the result of the spin. When the player makes a spin, the generator initially determines the outcome and, in the case of winning, its size – the screen is displayed in a certain position of the characters. The outcome does not depend on pure chance, but on pervasive in the machine payoff level. On average, it is 95% – conventionally, this means that out of 100 hryvnia spent on the game you will get 95 hryvnia winnings. In reality, the result is less predictable, because the yield is randomly distributed among all players, and one can lose all the money, and the other – instantly get a huge win.

Experts note that slot machines online in India licensed casinos should not have a rate of return of less than 90%.

Types of slots on the size of the playing field

Here you can name such main varieties:

  • Three reels. Classical variety, which gives minimum possibilities to win – usually in such machines there are only three straight winning lines.
  • Four or more reels (more often five) – allow broken trajectories, so on average they form 25 winning lines.
  • Megaways – symbols have non-uniform size: large ones can occupy 2-8 regular places at once, so the exact number of reels cannot be called. Form up to 10 thousand winning lines.
  • Varying field size – when getting winnings or falling out of special characters on the field, additional rows or reels are opened.
  • It is the latter two types of slots belong to the new generation of machines, which are increasingly popular among players – statistically, they have the same return (in the range of 90-98%), but due to unusual game mechanics make the rotation process more exciting.


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