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Instagram Video Ideas that Drive eCommerce Sales

If you’re looking to increase your eCommerce sales, you need to think about how you can use Instagram to generate more revenue. One of the best ways businesses are currently using video on social media sites like Instagram is by creating video ads. This blog post will cover how business owners can create videos that will drive their eCommerce sales and provide them with valuable information on what they need to do to optimize their marketing strategy.

Why should you create Instagram videos to drive eCommerce sales?

Video content has become popular among social media users. As a result, platforms like Instagram have seen a rise in video content over the past few years, with businesses starting to recognize its effectiveness. With more than 400 million active monthly users on this platform alone, business owners need to think about how they can tap into that market and use their videos effectively to generate revenue.

Instagram video ideas that drive eCommerce sales

Show off a variety of products

No matter what products your eCommerce business is selling, you need to think about how you can show off various items in your videos. If viewers see the same products over and over again, they might get bored with what you have to offer and will not want to purchase anything from your store. Therefore, whether you’re selling clothing or accessories, jewelry, or home goods – make sure that these items are showcased throughout all of your Instagram video ads.

Make sure that this content resonates with users

What happens if too many businesses start uploading similar video ad content on their instagram panel? This would cause a lot of noise among social media users who do not want to be bombarded by several different types of advertisements every time they log onto their profiles. This is why these ads need to have a strong call to action to make them stand out from the rest.

Include captions and hashtags throughout all content

Another way that business owners can increase their chances at driving more eCommerce revenue through social media is by including captions and hashtags throughout all of their Instagram video ads. Since people who are scrolling through stories tend to watch videos quickly, you can increase your chances of getting more views on your posts if they have a caption or the words “sponsored” written across them.

Showcase Collections

If you’re not quite sure what types of things to include in your Instagram video ad content, think about using something like Collection Ads instead. This form of advertising allows business owners to show off collections without being too time-consuming or overwhelming for users looking into making purchases from their store. When creating this type of advertisement, make sure that there are easy links built right into each image so viewers can easily click on them to make a purchase.

Announce a product launch

If you’re planning on launching a new product soon, make sure that this information is displayed in all of your Instagram video ads. You can include the date when it will be available along with how much it’s going to cost. People looking forward to purchasing your merchandise will appreciate knowing about upcoming events and sales before anyone else does.

Tell about your time-limited offer

If you’re planning on running a time-limited offer for your Instagram video ads, make sure that it is displayed in all of them. Whether this promotion is attached to one specific product or not, people will appreciate knowing about these types of sales and might be more likely to purchase something from your store before the discount expires.


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