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Scratch card is one of the card games with the simplest rules and ways to play today. Therefore, this card game always attracts a large number of players to participate. If players still do not know the rules and gameplay of the New88 scratch card game, please follow our article below to better understand this card game.

Learn about the scratch card game

Scratch cards are also known as 3-card cards, turtle rakes, and sacred rakes. Scratch cards use a deck of 52 cards during play. This is a card game that attracts a lot of players thanks to its flexibility and drama when playing

While playing this card game, each player will be dealt 3 cards. The player’s task is to add the total points of 3 cards together, the player with the greater number of points will win. In addition, it also has the case of 3 western cards (3 are pictures), Linh (3 are cards in order) and wax (3 identical cards)

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Some types of scratch cards

In the new88 scratch card, there will be 2 types of scratch cards: turtle scratchers and female scratchers. These are the two most popular forms of play ever. Let’s find out more about these two types of scratch cards below

Turtle scratch card

With this form of play, it will be determined that the winner will eat all. That is, before dealing with cards, players will participate in bets with the same amount. Then, each player will be dealt 3 cards. Whoever has the highest score will receive the entire bet

In addition, in case in a game where up to 2 players have the same highest score, the bet will be split. However, if there are too many people with high scores, it is necessary to play an extra game to decide the winner

Scratch card

With this form of play, all participants need to choose one person to stand to hold the card. That is, there will be one person representing the “Banker” and the remaining players will be “The House”.

During the game, all the “houses” will compare points with the “banker”. If someone has a higher score than the dealer, they will receive an amount equal to the bet amount. Those with lower scores will lose the entire bet amount to the house

Detailed instructions on how to play new88 scratch cards

New88 scratch card has a very simple way to play. This is a game that relies heavily on luck. So if you win, you have to rely a lot on your luck while playing

Before starting a game of scratch cards, players need to place a bet. Depending on the genre, players will have equal bets, or more – less different

After placing the bet, the dealer will shuffle the cards and deal the cards. The cards will be dealt in a circle. You can divide clockwise or counter-clockwise as you like

After the dealer finishes dealing the cards, everyone flips the cards and calculates the score. Whoever has the highest score wins. If you play turtle scratch card, the winner will get the entire bet. And if you play scratch cards, you will give cards compared to the “Banker”.

Share the rules of the game of scratch cards

New88 scratch card is a game with relatively simple rules and easy to understand. Usually when participating in this game we will need from 3-6 people in a table. Before the game starts, all players place their bets. After placing bets, the dealer will deal 3 cards to each player, the round will be counted in a counter-clockwise direction. After the dealer finishes dealing, all players will turn over the cards and compare the points with the dealer. The player with the higher score wins, the player with the lower score loses

Rules for scoring in Scratch cards

To be able to calculate points in the new88 scratch card game, we need to know how the cards are calculated. The cards will be scored as follows

  1. Piece A is counted as 1 point
  2. Cards 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 are counted according to the number of points shown on each card
  3. The J, Q, and K pieces count as 10 points each
  4. The person who owns 3 cards with a total of 9 will be the absolute winner

In addition, the rules for scoring scratch cards are not based on distinguishing substances and colors. The number of points will only be calculated in units, for example in the case of a player with a total of 2 digits, only the last digit will be used as the score of the hand. For example, the cards you receive are: A, 5, Q, your total score is 6. Or your hand has 7, 8 and 10, your total score will be 5

Special cases in the scratch card game

In addition to calculating points, in the new88 scratch card game, there are some special cases that can be counted as white wins, not needing to calculate points while playing. Some of those cases are

  1. Case 1: When 3 is divided equally, it is called Wax. But the smallest wax will be 2 and the largest will be A. If you are the owner of the wax deck, you will be considered to win white without counting points.
  2. Case 2: When possessing 3 cards of consecutive value, it is called Lieng. But the smallest tie is A – 2 – 3 and the biggest one is Q – K – A. Similar to case 1, if you own the Lieng deck, you will be considered to win.
  3. Case 3: The person receiving the card with 3 humanoid cards will be considered to win. That is, in case you have 3 cards in your hand J – Q – K, it will be counted as the winner and no need to consider points.

Thus, through the detailed article above, you must have understood the rules of the game, how to play and how to calculate the score of the new88 scratch card game. Wish players always good luck and win many times when participating in betting at our house

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