Involved in a car crash in Southern California? Follow these suggestions

Accidents often happen on the busy roads of Southern California. Getting involved in such a crash could be devastating, and you may not know what to do next. One of the first steps is to seek legal consultation for your case. Most law firms will review the case for free, and you can meet an injury lawyer to discuss the further steps.

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The dos

  1. Follow the advice of your doctor. After immediate medical care, make sure to follow the suggestions recommended by your physician. If you fail to keep up with treatment plans, the insurance company could use that against you.
  2. Trust your lawyer. Injury lawyers charge a contingency fee. If the lawyer takes your case, they are already acting in good faith and have the confidence to recover a fair settlement. Always trust the legal team for their suggestions.
  3. Take evidence at the scene. At the location, if you can use your phone, consider taking videos and pictures. Everything from the road conditions to the traffic signs and damaged vehicles could be relevant to your claim.
  4. Be careful with what you say to the insurance company. The claims adjuster is not there to help you. Please do not believe anything they say, and unless your lawyer says so, do not sign any papers.
  5. Hire the right lawyer. You need to find an attorney specializing in personal injury laws in California, and as a client, you should ask about their work experience.

The don’ts

  1. Don’t accept the insurance offer. Your attorney is in charge of negotiations and will fetch the best compensation possible. Even if you are in financial distress, do not accept the first insurance offer.
  2. Don’t post anything on social media. The insurance company will look for ways to use facts against you, and anything on social media could be used against you.
  3. Don’t argue with anyone. You may feel agitated after the crash, but don’t let your anger impair your judgment. Do not admit fault or blame the other party.
  4. Don’t step back from filing the lawsuit. If your lawyer thinks that a lawsuit is necessary to recover the losses you have endured, do not hesitate to take the next step.

It can take time to settle car accident claims in California. Your lawyer will keep you posted on all the updates and take action as the situation demands. Get an attorney soon after your injury.

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