Isolation Gowns – The 4 Levels Of Defense

Isolation gowns are garments that are worn for the sake of protection against micro-organisms and fluids(blood, lymph, semen) present in one’s body.

Isolation gowns are used by health care workers and patients so that the risk of transfer of disease from one person to the other can decrease. Isolation gowns have a wide range of applications in hospitals.

  • Isolation gowns – Disposable and reusable 

Isolation gowns can be either disposable(non-washable) or reusable(washable). Disposable isolation gowns are used only one time and are not washable because they are made of material that can not be washed.

Disposable isolation gowns are used a lot in hospitals because their use is very convenient and safer. Doctors wear disposable isolation gowns during surgery or normal check-up and then waste the gown because using the same gown again is not safe.

Reusable or washable gowns can be washed or sterilized to use again. But reusable gowns are not preferred because improper sterilization or poor washing can have a drastic effect on the health of doctors and patients. 

  • Significance of isolation gowns

Isolation gowns play a vital role in the health and fitness of patients and doctors. We cannot compromise with proper safety because it affects both doctor’s and patient’s health.

Isolation gowns are used to protect the transfer of body fluids from one person to another.

For example, If a person has a weak immune system he or she should use an isolation gown.

Doctors also use isolation gowns during surgery. During surgery, doctors are in contact with the patient’s body and many fluids of the patient’s body. If the patient is affected by a disease then the doctor’s contact with the patient’s blood can be very harmful and the disease can transfer to the doctor.

Similarly, isolation gowns also prevent the micro-organisms and viruses to transfer from patient to doctor.

  • The 4 levels of defense

American National Standards Institute(ANSI) and the Association for the advancement of medical instrumentation(AAMI) have made 4 levels of protection provided by isolation gowns.

These levels distinguish from one another in terms of protection they provide and their usage in different situations.

  •  Level 1 Isolation gowns: The isolation gowns of level 1 provide minimal protection. These isolation gowns are used in the situation where the risk of disease transmission is minimal.

Level 1 isolation gowns protect during basic medical procedures and treatments. Visitors can also use level 1 isolation gowns.

  •  Level 2 Isolation gowns: The level 2 isolation gowns are not sterile. This is a bit safer than level 1 and can be used in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Level 2 gowns are also used when stitching.
  • Level 3 Isolation gowns: The level 3 isolation gowns are used at average or medium risk.

These gowns provide more safety than the gowns of level 1 and level 2. These gowns can be used when dealing with the blood of the patient.

  • Level 4 Isolation gowns: These gowns provide the highest level of safety and protection against viruses and fluids. These gowns are used during surgery and in most severe cases. Level 4 isolation gowns have special protection against micro-organisms.
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