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Probably few people have heard of such a city as Nizwa. It is situated in 164 km from the Muscat. While everyone travels to large metropolitan areas in order to find work in these popular places, we will provide you with some information on why you should think about looking for jobs in Nizwa.

Nizwa really needs IT specialists. There are also some universities teaching these specialties. Therefore, if you are well versed in modern technologies and computers, you will become the most successful person in this field in Nizwa and even Oman. The list of another tech careers in this city includes professionals such as Industrial or Automotive Engineer, Technician, Database Systems Manager, Power Engineer, Networking System and Data Communications Analyst. Technology professionals work in a variety of industries and consulting services. To get such a job in the field of modern technology, you need at least a bachelor’s degree if you prefer flexibility in choosing a profession and you are interested in high wages. During the work process, employees develop critical thinking, analytical, computer and mathematical skills. A bachelor’s degree in technology can be the basis for master’s programs in civil engineering, industrial engineering and information technology. As you understand this is very important in this city as well as in the whole country.

It is not difficult to get a job in science. Teacher gets the salary at the end of each week. The average amount is 400 – 600 OMR.

The Medicine requires your help if you have work experience. If you haven’t, but you are physically prepared and fit to handle the duties – a place for a nurse is provided for you. At the end of the week you will receive your well-deserved 1400 – 1650 dollars. 

It should be noted that almost every vacancy claims for knowledge of English.

To be an electrician you should be working for 12 hours, but you will be provided with accommodation in townhouse. English language both in reading and speaking have to be known for 5 – 7 years. Electrician in Oman’s Nizwa gets 400 – 1650 dollars every two weeks. Do not forget about your experience, which should be at least a year.

The best option for courageous men is to work as a security guard. In Nizwa there are a lot of buildings, shops, factories requiring guardians. What skills does a security guard need?

Most often, they want to see a man between the ages of 20 and 40, who served in the army or law enforcement agencies, and who is involved in sports;

Ability to use video surveillance systems;

specialized tools and weapons;

Knowledge of psychology;

Ability to provide first aid;

Knowledge of the legal framework related to the profession.

The job of a security guard, despite stereotypes, is extremely dangerous and difficult both physically and emotionally. There is a high probability of finding a job without experience and higher education. Guardian in Nizwa gets 1000 dollars in two weeks.

You can draw conclusions yourself about working in this city, but as you can see there are more opportunities than you could imagine


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