Keeping Your Employees Busy with Crafts and DIY: A Guide

If you want to involve your employees more in the creation and development of your business, one of the best creative ways to do this is by tasking them with crafts and DIY, especially if you own a retail store, that can help to market your products to the public. Here are some of the best ways that you can keep your employees busy with crafts and DIY in 2023.

Store Signage

Every store needs signage to help customers to know where your store is and so that customers know what your store is and what it sells before they walk through the doors. Not only this, but store signage around your store can help to add to the atmosphere of your store, label your different products and displays, and ensure that discounts, deals, and prices are clearly visible and noticeable to customers who may be simply browsing. You should allow your employees to get creative when it comes to store signs by investing in stencils that can be used to create as many exciting signs for your business as you like. If you have a certain store design in mind, you should consider using custom stencils. Your employees can use these stencils to easily create store signs that are all symmetrical to each other. This will ensure that you do not have to worry about the signage in your stores.

Shelving Units

Rather than spend a lot of money to get shelving units for your retail store, or even an office, you should consider making these yourself or letting your employees with DIY skills do this. These shelving units can be used to display various products and keep them from getting dusty or disorganized. Shelving can help customers to browse happily and find what they need, especially if you are selling products like cosmetics or books. Your employees will be able to make inexpensive and sturdy shelves with simple planks of wood, varnish and a few nails and shelf brackets. This can allow your employees to feel as if they are contributing to your company while ensuring that your store can get all the storage that it needs to thrive.


You might want to put seating in your store, in a waiting room, or even in a consultation room. If this is the case, you might consider opting to create this seating DIY. For instance, you might want to start a window seat project. You might also want to upcycle second-hand or vintage seating in order that it is suitable for your space and your customers, or you might want to edit its appearance so that it fits the style of your store. Many vintage or gift shops may decide that they want to give their seating a shabby chic look, for example, as this can make your seating look a part of the rest of the store. You might want to take on this DIY project as a company rather than buying this seating new.


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