Key Ways To Manage Depression This Summer

For many people, having depression or bouts of sadness tends to coincide with winter months. This is why a lot of people will experience a confidence or mood shift come spring, when the days get longer and brighter, and it starts to warm up.

However, for those who have clinical depression, the brighter, warmer weather may not offer much of a reprieve from the symptoms of this illness. So, in preparation for summer 2024, what are some options to look into for treating long-lasting depression?

Consider Ketamine Treatment

If you have long term depression, ketamine infusion therapy can offer you some respite from symptoms quickly! If you live in the US, there are numerous clinics that can provide ketamine infusion therapy, like Daydream MD, as well as psychotherapy and even retreats that focus on using ketamine to help with mental health issues. You will need to undergo a screening process to ensure you are suitable first, as this treatment is not for everyone.

Green Therapy

This is where the phrase ‘grounded’ comes from: people engaged with the earth or taking part in green therapy. Come summer, what better way to spend your time than outdoors, walking among nature, digging in the garden, and simply pruning roses? Even if you have a yard that has concrete over it, even planting seeds and bulbs can be classed as green therapy! This calm and focused type of therapy helps you calm your mind and truly live in the moment. Physical exercise is also beneficial for blood flow and helping release endorphins. So, if your garden is looking a bit forlorn, or you want to go on a hike, do it!

Flexible Work-Life Balance

After 2020, many people began to question their work-life balance. If someone was suddenly able to do their job from home, it was promoted, and many people found that they were more productive. If you find that your work-life balance is teetering a bit too much into the work realm, it may be worth asking your boss about hybrid working or even remote working if you can. Or, ask about flexitime. This will help you have downtime without feeling you are neglecting your job.


Everyone and their mother seems to have heard of CBD oil. If you suffer from ongoing depression, it can be helpful to consume it daily, especially if you have depression that is comorbid with anxiety. You can purchase CBD oil online as a tincture, which you drip under your tongue. Or, you can mix it into food or even purchase it in the form of gummies!

Professional Therapy

There is no shame in seeking professional help, and, as such, if your depression is not getting better, even with all the green therapy and CBD oil you can get, it may be time to talk to a therapist. They will help you discuss your feelings and likely build on coping strategies focused on cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.


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