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Kitchen Design: Should You Hire an Expert or Go It Alone?

Are you sick of your outdated, worn-out kitchen and are dying to transform it into a flowing, fresh space? That is an exciting place to be, but many homeowners may worry that the renovation process is too much stress to take on by themselves. A professional kitchen designer can be just the key you need to help you build the kitchen you have so clearly in your dreams.

Kitchen designers are not an ideal solution for every homeowner. Some remodelers would never entertain the thought of contracting an outside pro to mess with their dream kitchen. For example, you know you want white Shaker kitchen cabinets, but the designer assures you that you should go with gray kitchen cabinets: disagreement could cause an edgy environment. However, most kitchen updaters can work efficiently next to professional kitchen designers and reach every ambition they have. 

The Challenge of Kitchen Design

Kitchens are often more difficult to revamp or alter than other rooms in the house when you consider the many aspects that need attention. You may have to think about other stages than just cosmetic problems and enhancements. There are potential structural updates to think about: your kitchen remodel could include plumbing, electrical, and maybe even gas lines. Besides your kitchen cabinets, you might need to select countertops, flooring, appliances, and backsplashes, in addition to other elements you plan to remodel. 

The kitchen is a central hub, a social and meeting place in many homes, and there is a lot of weight on making this room an amazing showpiece to welcome visitors. You need it done right, and many times the best solution is to hire a pro.

Professional Kitchen Designers Have the Experience You Seek

Some homeowners are concerned that by hiring an expert, they will surrender their artistic freedom to plan the kitchen exactly how they picture. However, the best kitchen designers can relate to that common worry and work dependably with remodelers to help develop the specific kitchen layout they have in mind. More and more homeowners see that pros are dependable and educated, and they can be fundamental coworkers in the kitchen remodeling process.

 If you are a veteran DIYer qualified at home improvement projects, you can do minor jobs all by yourself without the extra costs and energy of hiring an expert. But, if you go through a major upgrade or renovation, that is when the experts can step in to assist you. Employing a kitchen designer can often even reduce your costs in the complete project, as they know where to find the precise materials you need for the best prices.

How Much Should My Renovation Cost?

Before choosing a kitchen designer, you’ll need to figure out your predicted budget to the dollar, remembering to determine costs you’ll pay to pro designers, and then decide if you can afford them. Depending on where you reside in the country, kitchen renovation costs vary widely, and many things can change the overall cost. You will need to think about the types of cabinets you want – pre-made, custom, or ready to assemble cabinets, for example – as well as various appliances and countertop choices.

As you dig into the details of the numbers, there are a few essential considerations you can think about as you begin. Many design experts believe that your kitchen’s value should be approximately ten to fifteen percent of your home’s overall worth, so you can customize your budget and goals to fit those numbers. 

Professional kitchen designers can help you in the design process itself and keep you on track to stay under your budget cap, as they have extensive expertise working with kitchen materials and products.

More and More People are Turning to the Pros

There are many reasons to remodel your kitchen. Many homeowners hope to get a great return on their investment so that they can sell their house for a higher profit down the road. For other remodelers, the impact of renovating works just as well. Any updates – no matter how big or small-  can lead to an increase in resell value, and in fact, minor kitchen updates can often result in more significant returns than larger renovations.

Whether you upgrade your kitchen to raise the resale value, boost the appeal and function of this essential room, or want a minor modification, kitchen upgrades are often an excellent move. Finding an outstanding kitchen designer can be crucial as they can put you on the path to your perfect kitchen!

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