Let’s be honest about the hype. Which is better: to make an investment project on your own or buy a ready-made one?

The popularity of turnkey HYIP project is growing, and this is not surprising. You can get a decent income in a fairly short time, so why not start your own fund? If such a thought has visited you at least once, read this article.

The specialists of shared their experience in creating and promoting websites for profit. Below is a step-by-step guide and an answer to the question: what is better – to spend time and create a site on your own or turn to professionals, and then check the result.

How are HYIPs created? Algorithm of actions

If you are a beginner, study the information. The bigger, the better. Specialized blogs, thematic forums and groups – everything is important, inaction will not bring results. Decide on the budget, such sites are not launched for free. The intention and a certain amount of money in the account is the minimum necessary to start. Then you can move on to administration.

So, you will need: 

Come up with a legend. You need to convincingly talk about the project to attract an audience. Fantasy is welcome, the image of the company should be non-trivial, At the same time you should not leave reality either. The story needs a believable one, so that the target audience, if they didn’t believe in you 100%, would think that this could very well be.
Connect math. You will need a development strategy and an investment plan, an expense schedule. Decide on the time frame for the functioning of the site, think, select marketing tools. It is not necessary to promise maximum interest in a short time, this does not inspire confidence. The low rate does not attract potential investors. Think carefully about everything, since it is unlikely that you will be able to deviate from the chosen strategy in the future.
Choose an affiliate program. It can be single-level and multi-level, the amount of bonuses is in the range from 5 to 15%.
Choose a method for withdrawing profits. Investors appreciate when this happens automatically, but increased care is required from the administrator in order to prevent zeroing of the balance on any of the accounts.

They move on to the technical part of the project implementation when everything is ready.

What is the most important thing here? High-quality software will help protect the site from hackers and thieves. Don’t skimp on domain and hosting either. A bulletproof registrar won’t block a domain if complaints start pouring in. Hosting with DDoS protection will protect you from attacks. To protect user information, you will need an SSL certificate, which will need to be updated annually.

What other tasks remain to be solved? Choose scripts: take ready-made or create unique ones. Work out the design (design plays an important role in the perception of a holistic image of the company). Connect payment systems (crypto and traditional), ensure anonymity.

So what is better: self-development or a turnkey project

As you see, developing a HYIP is not an easy task. You can do it “on your knee” in a couple of days, but will the result be worthy? Any oversight, especially a technical one, will entail, if not a crash, then serious trouble.
In order not to waste time and effort in vain, contact the experts. Good agencies offer to fill out a brief, provide several layouts, and then finalize them, starting from the wishes of the customer. You will have a turnkey HYIP project. You don’t have to study the topic on your own, dive into the intricacies of scripts and codes. The team will do everything by itself. Estimated time frame is up to 4 weeks. The price is from $500 to $7,000. Choose a reputable performer, and the result will not keep you waiting.


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