Making Custom Car Decals – Some Essentials to Know

Many people do crafting as a hobby, and you see endless DIY videos on the YouTube channels now. For them, making custom car decals can surely be an exciting and rewarding affair.Car decals are usually made using adhesive vinyl sheets, which can last long in outdoor conditions and work on any flat smooth surface. You can use custom car decals to change the look and feel of your car, and they also can be used on windows, containers, helmets, and many other places.

Making car decals

A standard car decal has three parts as

  1. Packing paper which is usually opaque white.
  2. The Vinyl decal itself we apply to the car.
  3. Transfer paper for proper installation.

It is very easy to do a car decal if you have a bit of practice, and it comes with many benefits.

  • You can easily share your thoughts with the world using a well-designed car decal.
  • You can make attractive decals and sell them for money.
  • instead of installing premade car decals, you can try to customize your car decals with your business brand or messageVisit here: Filmygod
  • Car decals can be great gifting items, too to even for those who do not have cars.

There are different methods to make vehicle vinyl decals. You can make use of a cutting machine, or you can do hand cutting of the same. For detailed making and installation of the same, you need some essential supplies like a cutting machine, scraper or squeegee, masking tape, tweezers transfer tape, adhesive vinyl, and a catchy design.

If you do not have a design or are confused about getting an attractive one, just go online to see a huge collection of potential decal designs available out there.

Preparing design

If you are working with the decal-making circuit machines, the design space will make it quick and easy to start with the design project. With hand cutting, you can effectively resize and perfectly fine-tune your design before the material is put into the machine. Usage of a machine makes the projects much easier to start as there is no worry about missing things.As you make the design on vinyl, you need to ensure that the design you choose is easy to weed.

Cut the design

This is a pretty straightforward process. Cutting the design for vehicle decals is no different than any other vinyl cutting project. The only thing which sometimes tricks the makers here is whether or not to mirror your design. For example, if you are placing the decal from the inside of your car window, anything going on the outside does not need any modification. For making vinyl car decals, you can use the cutting mats. You can place vinyl on the mat with the shiny side up.

Weed the vinyl

You need to remove the pieces of vinyl which are not part of the design. You may start with the inside pieces to work your way out, but either way will work fine. Next, you may take the transfer tape and apply it to your design. Use a scraper to ensure that it sticks well. You may also want to quickly test both sides of the decal to ensure that it only affixes on the transfer tape.

Doing all these steps well, you will have a catchy and handy vinyl decal in hand for your car décor.

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