Making Your Wedding Extra Special for You and Your Partner

Your wedding day is likely to be the biggest day ever for you and your partner. Whether you are getting remarried or getting married for the first time, it is crucial that it is as special as it can be. Sometimes in the planning and preparations for the big day, some of the thought, consideration, and care can be lost for your partner, especially if they are not involved. Making it extra special is important, so just how can you do this, and what should you be focusing on?

Remember to Include Them

Even if you have clear ideas and visions about what you want and why this does not mean that your partner should be excluded at any stage or point, it is important to include your partner as much as possible. Keep them aware of what is going on and ask them for their input. Yes, it is your special day, but it is also theirs too. Establish if there is anything they want and need, and always keep lines of communication open and clear to ensure that everyone is happy and content.

Do Something Special and Thoughtful

The preparations for a wedding can be stressful and they can be all-consuming. Remember to show your partner how important they are and how much they mean to you. Do something special for them. Look at organizing a night out for them, plan a retreat for them, or even get some personal photographs taken to really capture the whole wedding (and the build-up). Photographs that are just meant for the two of you can be treasured. For example, you may wish to get a boudoir photographer to capture those intimate photos. Or, you may wish to get couples-only photos taken (pre-wedding). When you do something special and thoughtful, you show that you care (even though you may be feeling stressed, worried, or nervous).

Add Elements That Are Important and Special to Both of You

Your wedding is all about you and your partner, and it symbolizes your relationship and your union. Add elements that are special and symbolic to you and your partner. This could be something such as photos of loved ones who are no longer with you (or who could not make it to the wedding). It could also be a color scheme that is personal to you. Or, it could be incorporating dates or elements that hold memories for you both.

Keep a Memory Log

Look back in a few years and share the memories together, the memories of planning your wedding, the stress, and even the tribulations that came with these preparations. A log of your wedding build-up is just like a diary. It captures your thoughts and feelings, and these may be nice to share with each other as the years roll by.

It can be difficult to keep it all together when you are planning your wedding, and this may cause tension and stress in your relationship with your partner. So, remember to take a step back and consider what is important.


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