Mastery Season is twice as hard as the original WoW Classic?

In Mastery Season victory raids were focused primarily on dealing physical damage. Seven mages were taken as the strongest casters. Also notable is the presence in the raid of only two blackseekers, needed to increase physical damage, as well as damage from ice and fire magic.

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Some interesting facts about World of Warcraft

The number of fans of the cult game World of Warcraft is growing, and the most devoted of them are collecting various interesting facts about the game. Here are a few of the most entertaining of them.

  • Before blood elves were added to the number of races, there were far fewer characters who played for the Horde than those who played for the Alliance;
  • In the early versions of the game, it took much longer to level up a character from 1st to 60th than it does now (2 months on average);
  • Hunters used concentration instead of mana. But since they could regenerate it while standing still, this approach was cancelled;
  • The original design of WoW called for only 100 quests each for both factions. It was especially hard for players so fond of playing online games after level 50;
  • There used to be 2 islands in the south of the eastern continent that were removed from the final version of the game – Gillijim Island and Dr. Lapidus Island;
  • The first zones created by Blizzard in 2001 were Stormgrad, Elwyn Forest, and Western Edge;
  • Before the release of Burning Crusade, Outlands could be accessed by “jumping” into the Dead Spoils portal;
  • The Emerald Dream location is still in the game’s client, never put into action. Perhaps it will appear someday, this method (introducing locations in sequence) is often used by the best online games;
  • It was planned that Gnomregan would become a regular city, accessible by elevator from Stalgorn;
  • During alpha testing, the female troll model was very different from what it is now;
  • Goldart was much larger than it is now. The original idea had to be abandoned because the developers decided that it would be difficult and impractical to create starting locations of the same scale for all races;
  • In alpha testing, cloaks were not displayed on characters;
  • Initially, there were no guards in neutral cities, which led to a total massacre of the local population in them;
  • Mages could drown opponents using Control spells;
  • Shamans had a talent allowing them to carry crushing weapons and two-handed axes;
  • The original underground train was to connect Storgrade and Darnas;
  • The rarest muunt given by one of the GMs to a player who was having trouble with the standard muunts is the “fluorescent green mechanolong”. It is the only one in the game.

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