Modern lingerie and bras

Women’s underwear has a wide variety of designs that cater to different trends and styles, and one of the examples is the Prima Donna bra that can provide different sizes, styles and comfort. Also, various fashion houses are bringing new collections, adding new designs. From pushups to thongs, there are so many options that can be confusing. It doesn’t have to be bad. These options were tailored to individual preferences and body types. Choosing the right option from the available options can result in a comfortable wardrobe that caters to one’s tastes.

A brief evolution of underwear.

The oldest form of lingerie is the diaper, dating back to around 5000 BC. It was made of a simple piece of cloth wrapped around the hips and legs. Then there were the more luxurious silk versions for the elite.

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Another important garment is the shirt. They were baggy underwear and high and weak. He is best known for appearing in a 1477 painting by Botticelli called Primavera. Renaissance saw the popularity of corsets. This was the time when women had to suffer a lot in terms of comfort for fashion as trends promoted lace dress and flattening of their breasts. She saw a change in the 1800’s where sport was dominated by fashion. Petticoats were very popular during this time. This period also saw the introduction of trousers. These were long, baggy shorts worn under the skirt.

The first lingerie was made in the 20th century. These were decorative undergarments intended to be worn under modern clothing. Belts were also popular during this time. They were shapewear designed to flatten the abdomen and extended over the thighs. It helped fake a petite figure with a waist without being as tight as a corset. The late 1990s was when bikinis and thongs were introduced. Bikini was immediately accepted by consumers and is still in fashion today. Although thongs originated in South America, they became popular throughout the 1980s. They were very similar to early diapers, with triangular pieces attached to thin wires.

Today, the line between outerwear and underwear is blurring and new trends are emerging that fit undergarment to outerwear.

Types of bras 

The selection of bras available today is vast. Choosing the correct type for a specific use and situation can be difficult if you are not familiar with it. Here are some common types of bras and when to wear them.

Balconette Bra – This design partially covers the breasts while enhancing the cleavage. It also provides a slight lift. However, it is not suitable for women with large breasts as the coverage is low. They look good when worn with low-waited clothing.

Push-up bra: they are mainly used to lift the breasts. They make them look bigger than they really are. They are available in more details such as wired and non-wired designs. They tend to avoid women with large breasts. They increase the cleavage and can be worn daily or for occasions. Our exclusive product, Perkiest Sticky Bra, is the only sticky bra that offers replaceable adhesive.

Sports bra: They are designed for strenuous physical activity and prevent the breasts from swelling. It can also be used for light activities such as running and intense exercise.

Strapless Bras: As the name suggests, these bras are strapless. They usually have a hoop in place for support. They also come with a silicone or rubber coating to keep them from slipping. However, there is a better option. The adhesive bra is easy to use, reusable and has many options. These are perfect with classic open back dresses.


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