Morpheus8  rejuvenation treatment used for skin stiffening and resurfacing. For full-body subdermal adipose remodelling, Morpheus8 is a secure and productive non – invasive modular RF fractional system.

With InMode Morpheus8 skin rejuvenation, the face and neck are better contoured, giving the appearance of a youthful, healthier you with more defined facial features. Radio-frequency energy is applied during therapy to rebuild skin, fat, and tissue as well as deal with ageing symptoms, abnormalities, and pigmentation. The areas around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, mouth (smile lines), jowls, and neck are among the most popular. The face and neck can benefit from the visible, organic results of InMode’s facial contouring products.

Key Advantages:

  • Morpheus8 penetrates subdermal tissue up to 4mm deep, providing the deepest fractional therapies currently available.
  • In a single process, Morpheus8 automatically applies bipolar RF energy to many treatment depths.
  • A substantial decrease in treatment times is possible due to the capability to target tissue incrementally at three levels, in millisecond intervals. Skin injury is also reduced, and treatment uniformity is increased.

Areas of treatment:


The dermis’ underlayers’ collagen production is stimulated by this fractional tissue therapy. Procedures for both large and small area of the body can be tailored using Morpheus8’s modular tips.


Morpheus8 successfully renovating skin and tissue with a low risk of discoloration following an inflammation. Skin types I through VI should experience minimal to no heat injury.

Cost of Morpheus8:

The cost of a Morpheus8 therapy at Lotus varies on a number of variables, such as the targeted area and whether multiple sessions are necessary to acquire the best effects. A single treatment normally costs $1,100 for the face and $800 for the neck. Please see our complete list of services and prices.

Does Morpheus8 cause pain?

Not really. Even though Morpheus8 uses needles, the procedure is typically painless. Any soreness experienced during the procedure is frequently acceptable. The process will be streamlined as much as feasible by our team. Next your treatment, you can resume your regular activities and wear makeup the following day.

The effects of Morpheus8 are durable. Results will keep getting better up to three months following your initial session because RF technology helps increase collagen production over time.

Number of treatments needed for Morpheus8:

Despite the fact that a single treatment might produce amazing benefits, our doctors typically advise many sessions to get the greatest results. This will differ from patient to patient and be decided based on your cosmetic objectives. We typically advise scheduling 3 to 4 sessions spaced 3 to 5 weeks apart.

Bottom line:

For physician-led, scientifically-based aesthetic medical assistance, visit Lotus by MDs @ Queensway Medical.

They provide a wide range of medical and aesthetic treatments, such as Botox® Treatment, Morpheus8, Bela MD+, Fillers, and PRP, in addition to general medical and anti-aging procedures. Your desired appearance will be achieved with the help of their committed specialists.

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