Mouth-Watering Street Foods in Pune You Cannot Miss 

Pune, once the famous capital of the Peshwas, has now emerged to be a leading industrial hub and a famed tourist destination on the bucket list of many people. While the city boasts several attractions, a popular feature that enhances its vibrancy is the superb street food. To enjoy the best of Pune, you can now order food online from Swiggy.  

Locals and tourists alike appreciate the wide variety of delicious street foods available in the city. We are assured you will agree once you give these delicacies a try.

Best Lip-Smacking Street Foods to Try in Pune 

The small-sized eateries that were established long back in the city have now evolved and gained immense impetus over several years. The recent food culture in Pune is transforming food carts into small, cozy shops -adding high-end flavors to the street food scene. Pune features a mixed food culture. You can find almost anything -right from conventional Maharashtrian delicacies to elaborate Gujarati thalis and even North Karnataka cuisines on the streets. 

Whether you wish to order food online in Pune or head out, here are some of the must-try street food items: 

  • Vada Pav 

This famous street snack is characterized by two soft buns holding together a crispy, flavor-filled vegetable patty. The overall crispiness of the vegetable patty, in combination with the sour and sweet tastes of the spices and chutney, will leave you wanting for more. This popular local street snack is available at almost any food street in the city.  

  • Pav Bhaji 

Pav Bhaji is a famous street food in Pune -even across India. The dish is readily available at the famous street side joints and restaurants across the city.  

As you order a plate of Pav Bhaji, you are served a rich, spicy vegetable curry along with buttered bread. Side servings like onions, a pickle, a chili, and a slice of lemon will help in balancing out the intense flavors. The soft, spongy buns magically balance the rich flavors of the curry while melting in your mouth. 

  • Sabudana vada 

It is a well-known desi treat. The dish is popularly served across the streets of Pune. It is also referred to as Sabu Vada. The dish is available as a hand-patted, deep-fried snack you would love on your excursions outdoors.  

Sabudana Vada is a crunchy patty prepared out of Sabudana -also known as Sago, a pearl-like texture. Various herbs, peanuts, and potatoes make up the patty as well. The entire combination is then deep-fried in oil till it turns light brown. When you order a plate of Sabudana Vada at a famous street-side vendor in Pune, you can enjoy the dish with a dash of tomatoes, mint, or dates chutney. It is a delicious savory and slightly sweet snack. 

  • Chicken/Mutton Samosa 

Every non-vegetarian lover in Pune truly adores these quick, little yet fulfilling delights. You can easily come across this relishing street star across various food vendors and even restaurants in the city.  

Chicken or mutton samosa is a divine blend of minced keema, or chicken seasoned with an interesting variation of chaat masala and other spices. This adds to the overall mouth-watering taste and flavors of the dish. The mixture is stuffed into thin slices of (shaped like cones) white flour dough. Then, the cones are deep-fried in oil until the samosas become crispy.  

Hot samosas are served steaming on a paper plate with spicy mint and garlic chutney to enhance your taste buds. The overall sales of chicken/mutton samosas increase during the monsoon season. Having one or more samosas with a cup of hot tea is your perfect partner for an evening snack. 

  • Poha 

Poha is renowned to be one of the healthiest and lightest versions of street snacks available out there. It is prepared with soaked flattened rice and diced veggies like tomatoes, onions, chilis, carrots, capsicum, and so more. The dish is imparted more flavors with the help of spices and herbs. Poha is deliciously garnished with peanuts and coriander leaves.  

In different parts of the country, you will come across unique names like Pauwa, Chira, Chiwda, and so more. On the streets of Pune, you will come across two variations of the divine snack -Kanda Poha (Poha with onions) and Kanda Batata Poha (Poha with onions and potatoes). 

  • Dabeli 

It is a famous Gujarati delicacy that is loved by Punekars to a greater extent. Altogether, it is a popular street-side snack of tastes, flavors, and rich textures. Dabeli has garnered itself the reputation of being one of the most sought-after street foods that get sold out within minutes across the leading food stalls in Pune.  

Dabeli, typically, is a sweet snack prepared out of the combination of boiled & mashed potatoes with a special Dabeli masala. The combination is eventually stuffed in a soft burger bun while garnished with roasted peanuts and pomegranates. The delicious sweet & savory dish is served with tamarind chutney to enhance the overall flavors. A single serving of Dabeli is sufficient to fulfill your evening cravings as you order food online from Swiggy. 


Whether you are a local or visiting Pune, there are some delightful street foods you must try in the city. Pune remains at the forefront when it comes to the exclusive street food scene in the state. With local vendors offering such delicacies, there is no need to spend a fortune at a high-end restaurant in the city. To top it all, you can now order food online from Swiggy and get your favorite snack delivered right at your doorstep. 

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