NCERT Solutions: Is it possible to score high marks in Math subject in Class 10 Board Exams?

Board exams are important as the marks obtained here determine whether you can pursue with your favourite stream or not in Class 11. Moreover, these exams are considered to be the steppingstone to have a wonderful professional career. Hence, you need to start preparing immediately without any further delay to ensure getting good marks. But you might not know the right way or be confused about the correct preparation methods to score high marks in the Math subject. Practicing ncert solutions for class 9 maths and following seriously the tips offered by the subject experts will make your class 10 math seem easy. You can also improve your overall performance and board exam scores.

Tips to score high marks in Math in the Class 10 board exam

  • Make notes: Study regularly without taking lengthy breaks. Try to complete the math syllabus within your set deadline. This way, you can gain immense confidence in your abilities. Complete practical assignments and projects on the very day it has been assigned in school. Then start doing easier chapters. Proceed gradually to do those topics which are more complicated. Once you have brushed up the basics, difficult topics can be solved easily and effortlessly.
  • Plan accordingly: Prepare a checklist in subject form and divide subjects into respective chapters. Focus on those topics that you have a better grasp. Practice plenty of exam-based questions available to get familiar with the board question pattern. On finishing the concepts, focus on those chapters in which you are weak. Make notes on such topics and practice questions given in previous exams. You can find them at NCERT solutions offered by reputed coaching centres like Cuemath. Update chapters constantly in your checklist to know your daily/weekly progress made. This will boost confidence.
  • Read question paper: Before solving math paper, check the question paper thoroughly and find out the questions that you can attempt easily and in less time. This will give you more time to solve the complicated sums later. Find out questions with good weightage and try to attempt them without missing even a single one.visit here to know more information : jio-rockers
  • Solve sample papers: Get excellent practice for your final exam. This is best done by solving lots of sample papers. You can get previous years’ questions papers that should also be solved. It allows you to know the marking scheme and question pattern given in the board exam.
  • Take short breaks during intense studies: This is crucial to ensure you remain alert all the time. Continuous studies will only make studies boring and learning to become more difficult. Even easy questions will start to appear tough. Take short breaks. Do something interesting during this time like going out for a walk, watching TV or listening to your favourite music, etc. This way, you can beat monotony and stay focused in your studies. This is more important when you practice the math subject. Losing focus and getting diverted is easy in this subject as it involves using lots of formulas. Also exercise in-between the math practice for about 10 to 20 minutes. You will stay fit as well as mentally strong and better prepared to do more complicated sums.
  • Solve last 10-year questions: NCERT is the best book that can help you to become an expert in the math subject. Try to solve the last 10 years question paper after completing all the chapters. This will help you understand better the type of questions that will be asked in the board exam. On solving all the questions, go through solutions to understand stepwise answer writing skills. Marks in the board examination are allocated according to steps. Hence, even if your final answer becomes wrong arising from calculation mistakes, you are likely to get some marks. You are to manage time when answering math papers and this is crucial. Hence, while solving previous years’ question papers, set the alarm clock and finish your mock test within the allocated time.

Doing proper and expert guided studies will enable you to score high in the math subject.

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