New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer – Why You Need an Attorney

You may have a New York Traffic Ticket, and you may be wondering how to get it dismissed or reduced. A good New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer will advise you and keep you out of court so that you can pay the ticket in a reasonable amount and avoid a criminal record here. Many people don’t know their rights when it comes to traffic tickets. Often, they don’t even know that such a ticket exists.

The laws regarding speeding are very complex. Even the New York State Police has officers who are trained to determine the right speeds for different roadways. If you are pulled over and given Missouri Traffic Tickets for speeding, you must understand what to do. There are many options available to you, including trying to negotiate with the officer.


If you received a ticket for speeding and believe that it was unreasonable for the officer to ticket you for it, you might consider hiring a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer to represent you in court. Most traffic tickets are issued based on an individual officer’s opinion of speed. If this was your case, the best thing you can do is to hire a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer to get the case dismissed if the officer doesn’t follow the proper guidelines. If the officer incorrectly tickets you for speeding or non-moving violations, the results can be very harsh.

First, you should remember, “A complaint is not proof.” A speeding ticket can only be proven by the prosecution after they have presented evidence to a judge or the court of public opinion. The state of New York has two courts of law: the county court and the state courts of appeals. The amount of time that it takes to prove guilt or innocence in either court depends solely on the jurisdiction of that court. For example, if you were speeding in New York City and received a ticket in the borough of Bronx, it would take almost three years to have your case heard by the state court of appeals.

Reduce your Fine

If you were caught speeding in New York City, you can move out of the city within one year of your citation. If the judge does not dismiss your case in New York City, then you should ask the state court to reduce your fine. In New York State, traffic fines can range from several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. The maximum fine that a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer will work with you on is usually around ten hundred dollars. Of course, traffic lawyers can help you lower your fines further if the state court orders them.

A New York traffic ticket lawyer may also help you with any other penalties that may be attached to your charges. For example, many states will include points against you for moving violations. These penalties are often added to your overall fine for speeding. However, the New York State Supreme Court has ordered that this practice is illegal because it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. As such, you may be able to get additional points waived or reduced if you are willing to settle your case with your traffic ticket lawyer.

License Suspension

You should also consider your future as it relates to jobs and education. In New York State, some drivers who receive a traffic citation have their license suspended for up to six months. This means that if you have a pending business deal in New York, you may not be able to leave until your case has completely been settled.

More Restrictions

In addition, students who have traffic violations on their student driver’s license are not allowed to take certain classes in New York State until their cases have been resolved. This means that if you receive a ticket in New York State, you cannot enroll in any courses or programs related to that particular law until all of your legal issues have been reviewed and negotiated between you and your traffic ticket lawyer.

In addition to your speeding tickets, you may be involved in several other legal issues as well. For example, many traffic courts in New York City have hundreds of parking tickets that the defendant still has to pay. If you have a case like this, it would be in your best interest to consult with a traffic lawyer as soon as possible.


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