Observing Smoke Sesh Etiquettes

Cannabis consumption is not without its numerous benefits. This is provided it is done responsibly and without breaking the law. Some of the numerous benefits in question include enhancing social bonding, relieving stress, enabling relaxation, and enabling introspective experiences.

There are even medicinal benefits that help many people find value in cannabis. For instance, it could help with weight loss, increase creativity, kill cancerous cells, and serve as a pathway to leaving more dangerous psychoactive drugs. You can click here to find out about other health benefits.

In light of all these benefits, some people like to make the most of it by using it communally. This is called a smoke sesh (session). It is the practice of taking turns sharing and smoking cannabis. Various smoking apparatus could be used for this purpose. Examples include pipes, bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, ash catchers, and electric dab nails.

People who organize these smoking seshes and everyone who participates are supposed to abide by some etiquette. Some of the dos and don’ts during a smoke sesh will be discussed here to ensure the most is made out of the experience.

Expectations During a Smoke Sesh

Some things are expected of all parties that partake in a smoke sesh. This is whether it is the host or other people that grace the session. Some of these expectations include the following:

Contribute to the Session

It is only ideal that the burden of hosting is not only left to the host. Everyone else should play a role by assisting as much as they can. For starters, it is expected that the main thing – cannabis; is surplus enough. For this reason, bring some along and be willing to share with everyone who shows up.

Furthermore, there is more that can be shared besides your cannabis. You can offer snacks and other kinds of food. This would make a lot of sense given cannabis’s effect on one’s appetite.

Still, on the subject of contributing to the sesh, it is important that the gathering is as lively as possible. For this reason, you should also be willing to make it fun-filled. Cracking jokes, introducing fun games, and playing music are all ways to liven the mood.

Pass the Smoking Apparatus Quickly

There are differences between smoking in a smoke sesh and smoking all by yourself. You need to be mindful of others during a smoke sesh. It is not the same experience while waking & baking by yourself.

One of the implications is that you should respect the need for other people to have a shared smoking apparatus. For this reason, make sure you do not keep other smokers waiting too long for their turn. Pass the pipe, bong, bubbler, dab rig, ash catcher, electric dab nail, or whatever is being used as quickly as possible.

The major highlight of a sesh is social bonding. It is hard or impossible to bond when people are not willing to share. Make sure you play your part in enabling the social bonding experience.

Use the Best Smoking Apparatus

There are expectations on the part of the host as mentioned early on. One of them is ensuring that you have enough cannabis to go around. You should plan for this by considering the expected number of people.

But that is not all. As a matter of fact, participants may even show up with their cannabis as it is one of the smoke sesh etiquettes. The host is expected to use the right smoking apparatus.

You do not necessarily have to break the bank for this. Just make sure you do the best you can. Doing the best also entails ensuring that your apparatuses are clean. This could be your pipe, bong, bubbler, dab rig, ash catcher, electric dab nail, or whatever would be used. You will certainly only get the best freeze pipe Smoke Sesh when you use high quality apparatus.

No Criticism

Of course, it is the responsibility of the host to make use of the right smoking apparatus and create the right atmosphere for the session. However, it is also expected that other participants are not judgmental. They should appreciate the effort of the host regardless of any lapses on his/her part.

So, do not criticize the location, type, or quality of the apparatus used. Keep quiet about your observations if the only thing you feel like saying is a criticism of the host’s choices. The essence of the session is to bond and the ability and willingness to accommodate lapses is required for quality bonding.

Be Mindful of the Rotation

It takes being selfless on everyone’s or many participants’ parts to enjoy a smoke sesh. For instance, you should pass the smoking apparatus quickly as mentioned early on. But besides this, you should equally be mindful of the rotation.

Wait your turn to get the apparatus before reaching for it. This is particularly important when many people need to use it. The ability to do this calls for patience which is important in such gatherings.

Respect Other Participant’s Smoking Preferences

Not everyone smokes the same amount of cannabis. Some consume more or less than others. Respecting other people’s smoking preferences would include not making them feel uncomfortable because of the amount of cannabis they consume.

Do not make a participant feel awkward because he/she consumes a lot more than others. Those who consume a lot less than others should equally not be made to feel weird. The point here is respecting other participants’ smoking preferences.

Proper Hygiene Is Important

You are to practice proper hygiene particularly before and during the smoke session. Doing this is in everyone’s best interest. Proper hygiene would include:

  • Coughing appropriately
  • Personal grooming before showing up
  • Ensuring that you have a fresh breath
  • Washing your hands
  • Not having body odor

These are very important for the general good of all participants. For more information on proper hygiene during a smoke sesh, you can visit:


There are smoking sesh etiquettes that are binding on the host of the gathering and every other participant. So, there are expectations on everyone as seen in this article. Every participant must therefore play their part in ensuring this social bonding event goes as smoothly as possible.


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