P7G November Update Thank You Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and loyal fans of AviaGames’ smash hit apps Pocket7Games, and Bingo Clash know what that means! A November thanksgiving holiday event!

From November 15th through November 28th, Pocket7Games and its companion app, Bingo Clash, will celebrate Thanksgiving with two weeks of brand new events! In the first week from November 15th-21st, players can win up to $500 per map on a new Dice Tour campaign! Dice Tour is a fan favorite where players explore a map, determining their distance traveled with dice rolls; all along the way players have the chance to win prizes, including bonus cash! From November 22 – 28th, thanksgiving-exclusive 7-day cards will be released during the second week, as well as a rebate of over %100!

Recently, Aviagames has added its gaming platforms to the Samsung Galaxy store, and, to celebrate that, the November update will include exclusive Samsung-only events during the thanksgiving season! Samsung users can play 3 games to get a “lucky draw,” which gives them a chance to win a Galaxy Z Flip 3 5g! Samsung exclusive mini-games can also trigger reward games and offer an opportunity to win up to $500 bonus cash! 

Bingo clash  is one of the highest-rated and most highly regarded apps on the iOS app store because it is a real-money competitive online game that features compelling gameplay, online cash tournaments, and a fun array of mini-games and activities to keep players engaged. These games are not gambling, they are skill-based, and therefore the players are rewarded not by random chance but by superior skill; as such, these games are legit, and player matches are determined by an advanced algorithm that tracks your skill level and pairs you against others of a similar level. 

Pocket7Games is a collection of over 10 classic all-in-one skill-based casino games that allow real players from across the country to compete against one another for real cash prizes. Whatever your tastes are, there is something for everyone, ranging from Solitaire! To the venerable 21Gold, a modern mobile version of Blackjack. Test your mathematical skills with 2048 Blitz, and improve your spatial reasoning while earning money on Tile Blitz! Relax with the simple physics-based basketball game Dunk shot and earn tons of rewards and real-life prizes besides money. Game modes include 1v1 matches and a variety of tournaments and regularly hosted special events; prize pools can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars!

Pocket7Games allows players to play for cash or for Tickets. Tickets are the free in-game currency that let you enjoy all the variety the app has to offer without the added stress of real money at stake. Thanks to Paypal integration, all transactions are %100 safe and secure, so you can deposit and play with confidence that your money is in good hands! 

Pocket7Games, as well as other apps by Aviagames, are available on iOS and the Galaxy store. Check out their website in the link below, and stop by their Facebook to hang out with the active community of users that have built up around these beloved modern classics! If you have any questions, you can check in-game updates and their Facebook page for more detailed event rules and information.iOS Store | Samsung Galaxy Storey | Android | Website | Facebook


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