Popular online games in Malaysia

Popular online casino games in Malaysia: What are the most played casino games by Malaysian players, and why are they so popular?

In Malaysia, online casinos are a popular destination for providing adult entertainment and a good chance to win real money. However, the fact is that not all online casino games are equally popular, some online casino games are played more frequently than others. The main reason behind this could be the fact that odds of winning vary greatly from one online casino game to the next, online casino fans in Malaysia generally gravitate towards online casino Malaysia games that are easiest to play and offer the highest win rate and largest payout. 

Understanding House Edge

House Edge is a major influencer when it comes to what makes an online casino game popular among the community in Malaysia.  The house edge, or the casino’s statistical advantage over players, is calculated in part by the payout rate. While it is true that one may lower the casino’s house edge by strategic play, it is safer to stick to the games that provide the lowest house edge. If you want to maximize your chances of winning at the greatest paying online casinos, you should focus on online casino games that have the lowest house edge. Blackjack, for example, is a live casino game that is famous for its low house edge, which is why it is a game that always shows up in lists of popular online casino games.


Poker is largely known to be the most exciting and heart racing online casino game there is, it should come as no surprise that Poker, along with its many variations, are some of the most popular online casino games to play in Malaysia. Many gambling fans spend their free time in Malaysia playing poker with their friends and family. Among all the famous poker variations available at online casinos in Malaysia, the Caribbean stud poker is a poker variation that has the highest win chance.  Caribbean stud poker is like stud poker but without the bluffing and the time spent in front of the mirror perfecting your poker face. The only opponent you need to win against is the house, even if you could play the same hand as other players. To participate, make an initial “ante” wager, then determine whether or not to raise your wager based on the dealer’s up card. The jackpot stake is a fun addition to Caribbean stud poker. 


Similar to craps, roulette games are some of the most played at any live casino Malaysia. Roulette is the most approachable online casino game right next to online slot games since it can be so simple to pick up and play. In a game of roulette the dealer spins a ball on a roulette wheel and all participating players place bets on the outcome. The outcome wagered on can be the color of the box the ball will land on, odd number, even number or others. Players can even place bets on the precise box where the ball will land on, the payout odds for this kind of bet is, of course, significantly higher. The European roulette variation is highly popular among online casino fans in Malaysia. This game of old-world splendor is more favorable to the player when played on a wheel with a single zero. The arithmetic is straightforward: a straight bet pays 35 to 1, but the maximum number of spins is 37. As a result, the house edge in double-zero roulette is much higher for casinos.

Slot games or online slot machines

Slot games need no introduction among the online casino community in Malaysia, in every casino in the country, slot machines are what welcomes patrons at the entrance. This is no different for online casinos, online slot games are always featured on the home page of any online casinos in Malaysia due to their high demand and popularity.  Slot machines are unrivaled in online casinos, despite the fact that their rewards aren’t as generous as those of table games. Software developers in Malaysia like Mega888 and 918kiss are adding extras like free spins, interactive Bonus Rounds, and jackpots as they compete to make the finest slot machine possible. We recommend keeping an eye out for those characteristics frequently, since doing so might mean the difference between a winning and losing session by lowering the house edge.

Progressive slot games

We highly recommend checking out online slot games with a progressive jackpot if you are an online casino game looking for an easy game to play that hands out a huge payout. Landing the jackpot at a progressive slots, such as the Megaways slots, can turn a player into a billionaire overtime. No other online casino game offers a jackpot amount as high as progressive slot games at online casinos in Malaysia. 

Honorable mention: Dice games at online casinos

Dice games featured at most online casinos are sometimes called ‘backgammon’ on the internet and it is largely known to be a common table game featuring dice. Dice games are one of the earliest types of table games, with players beginning with two pieces labeled “point 1.” When everyone has placed their bets, the shooter will roll the dice. The purpose is to get the first two pieces above the jump bar by correlating the individual roll of the two dice. Whoever wagered on the jump will get paid if the shooter makes the basket. Jump bets and out bets pay off at the starting point, whereas double bets pay off at a rate of one double for every two points. Nonetheless, players have a better chance of winning with jump and out bets. Dice games are not as popular as other types of online casino games with household names such as Blackjack and Poker, but it is a game with astonishingly low house edge and we highly recommend this game to online casino players in Malaysia looking for an online casino game to play that has simple mechanics and huge payout.


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