Preparation of Science and Mathematics for Class 10 CBSE Board examination

Class 10 CBSE Board examination, one of the scariest examinations in a students’ life as this is the first examination where they have to answer questions not set by their own school’s teachers. This examination is a gateway for students to get to pursue their dreams and goals. It is not that easy to prepare for this examination without proper guidance. Students need a proper time plan and appropriate study materials to as to Ace in this examination. In addition to these students’ hard work and dedication are very much needed to score good grades and marks in the CBSE board examination.

The most important textbooks used, or solutions books are the ones published by NCERT that are written by subject experts. NCERT textbooks are available for all CBSE subjects with a full syllabus right from class I to Class X both offline and online. With just the NCERT textbooks and solutions books it is more than enough for the preparation of the exams. The NCERT books are well written and designed according to the CBSE syllabus and can guide them well in understanding the basic concepts and theories of subjects important for equipping the students with the much-needed knowledge.

Mathematics and Science beings the two most important subjects where students cannot escape as these are compulsory subjects at least till the 10th standard. Basic concepts of these subjects are very much required for students who want to further pursue science. Here is an article that can guide one in how to prepare.

The preparation tips are as follows:

It is very important to make a proper study plan for finishing the syllabus of both the subjects in time. For example, a subject like Mathematics requires daily and regular learning and practice to master the subject. Without proper dedicated time, one cannot study the subject at the last minute as this will not help the study in remembering the entire syllabus within just a short span of time. With proper planning of a timetable in time, the student can check and keeping track of how much they have progressed in studying. With time management students will not panic and will be confident in appearing these tough or difficult subjects. Subjects as such require more time and a proper schedule can thus help one prepare all the subjects accordingly.

In addition to proper planning the following needs to be followed:

  • Taking proper notes of the subjects

The students are required to be very attentive with full concentration in class and the regular collection of notes is very important. On top of the notes given the students are required to purchase NCERT textbooks, reference books, and solution books which are of utmost importance for proper preparation. Students need to read the NCERT textbooks of Science and Mathematics thoroughly and completely so as to score 90 above or even 100%. The solution books can help them in understanding how to solve certain solutions without figuring out how to solve the questions.

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  • For Preparation of Mathematics and Science:

In order to score 100%, it might be difficult, but it is not impossible. These subjects are scoring subjects, but a careless mistake can reduce the final marks. It requires extra hard work, dedication, and strategy in order to tackle these subjects and score excellent grades.

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Regular Study and Practice:

These subjects require daily and regular practice. The students need to spend at least 2-3 hours daily on these subjects with full focus and everyday practice of the numerical is required. Do not miss classes unless there are circumstances that are urgent and proper concentration is a must. After the class, students need to go through and learn the lessons taught followed by revision and practicing making it less hard. The recommended books for both the subjects, the NCERT textbooks and solutions books can increase the knowledge of understanding.

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Test yourself:

Try to solve some previous years’ question papers so as to check your preparation level and to test the reasoning and the knowledge gained and see whether one can solve in the stipulated time.

However, if the concepts are not clear then it is difficult to study and practice with full dedication. Therefore, make sure that all your concepts are clear.

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