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Problem and Solution Essay Writing Peculiarities

An essay is short writing in which you express your thoughts on a provided topic. Writing a successful essay requires a decent language proficiency level, the skill to state your point of view clearly and concisely, and quite a rich vocabulary. Problem and solution essays are papers where the author unveils a specific problem and offers different ways of solving it. This article focuses on the peculiarities of writing them.

In such essays, you are usually given some global problem, and your task is to suggest the most appropriate and possible ways to solve it.

Peculiarities of preparing problem-solving essays:

– introduction describes the problem and the reasons for its occurrence (about 5-10% of the text);

– in the main body, you need to provide diverse options for the described problem solving and the potential consequences of each of them (about 75-85% of the total text volume);

– the conclusion summarizes the results and recommendations or the final decision (acceptable amount of text is 10-15%);

You should always follow the general guidelines for structure and avoid exceeding the volume of each section. If you are writing an exam essay, it should be about 180-320 words in length, but this framework is not rigid and indicated in the assignment and topic.

Usually, the way you write this type of essay depends on the task at hand (you may be asked to describe solutions to a problem or determine its causes). If there are no recommendations, use whichever you think best suits the given topic. The problem of such an essay should be relatively easy to discuss, but at the same time, it must also be in the interest of the general public. Prevalent topics include everything related to the Internet, psychology, environment, bad habits, youth abnormalities, racism, education, etc. The problem you have chosen must motivate you to look for and think of new solutions to solve it. Should you seek good topic examples, we have gathered many of them here. Regardless of the essay topic, you should adhere to a specific, commonly accepted structure when writing it.

Peculiarities of Problem and Solution Essay Organization

First of all, it is worth reminding yourself that an essay is not a detailed composition or reasoning on a free topic but only a capacious and clear expression of opinions and thoughts on a given problem.

  1. Heading

The title of the essay must reflect the topic or problem that will be covered in the text. The heading must be concise and understandable. The essay title is similar to the article’s title: it should contain the main idea, which will be disclosed in the text in more detail.

  1. Introduction

This paragraph must be an indication of what you will discuss in the following paragraphs. It must explain the topic of reasoning and the author’s understanding of it. Therefore, be concise, shortly outline the essay and refer to statistic data or other sources if necessary.

  1. The main body

This part reveals the problem and your attitude to it. Arguments and examples are provided here, as well as thoughts and opinions on the topic. At the end of the main body, the text should smoothly lead the reader to the conclusion.

  1. Conclusion

In the end, you must summarize all the points revealed in the central part of the essay. A reasonable conclusion must never be a dry listing of the facts mentioned above but a well-reasoned closure on the topic. It can echo or refer to the introduction but in different wording. In this paragraph, you must never put forward any new ideas or refute the ones already expressed, and also, use an apologetic tone for your opinion. Be confident in your position and state it again.

The Main Components of Such Essays

Every problem-solving essay must have four obligatory components:

  1. The problem itself or your acquaintance with its background.
  2. The description of the problem, or your explanation of its specifics and the reason it should be solved.
  3. The suggested solution of the problems or your answer to it.
  4. Review or evaluation of the previously stated idea, as well as a call to action.

Sometimes these essays touch on more than one issue, but this step is only practical when multiple problems are in the same area. Otherwise, it might be difficult for you to focus on problem-solving.

Some Writing Tips

The recipe for success is believing in the problem you discuss. We have prepared some helpful tips, which can help you write an outstanding paper:

  1. Enlist everything about the problem to make sure you did thorough research.
  2. Using these findings, offer some evidence that the issue under study is real and should be addressed the sooner, the better.
  3. Mention the aspects that still need to be explored. Not only will it help you see the bigger picture, but it gives your readers something to reflect on.
  4. Outline your research, specifying where you will look for data and which methods you are going to use in your research.
  5. Discuss your suggestion with your teacher or another trustworthy person in your life to be sure you are along the right lines.

Two Ways to Outline an Essay

As opposed to a typical essay outline, this type allows you to create it in two different ways. They are called the chained method and the block method. Regardless of the type of outline you decide to turn to, writing one is a crucial step towards a top-notch essay because it will help you focus on the topic throughout the whole writing process.

The structure of the block outline looks like this:

  1. The problem introduction and acquaintance with its background.
  2. Problems #1, #2, #3.
  3. Transitional points.
  4. Solutions to problems #1, #2, #3.
  5. Evaluation and conclusion.

The chained outline includes:

  1. The problem introduction and acquaintance with its background.
  2. Problem #1 and solution to it.
  3. Problem #2 and solution to it.
  4. Problem #3 and solution to it.
  5. Evaluation and conclusion.



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