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A healthy lifestyle is trending change around the world especially after the companies launched effective products for different health conditions. As the pharmaceutical sector is growing, individuals are attracted to buying the products like soaps for sensitive skin and topical pain relief solutions for muscle soreness. In this article, 2 of the related products are discussed.

Defense Soap

Most of us have sensitive skins and, no soap suits our skin. Essential oils present in defense soap makes it beneficial for our skin. What do you expect after using soap? A clean skin? Oil-free look? You are lucky! You can cleanse your skin and nourish it to enjoy a flawless glow. There is another interesting fact about defense soap. It won’t trouble your small wounds and will fight against skin fungal infections. It will boost skin regeneration and required sebum production.

Some soaps smell bad and people avoid using them even if they are good for the skin. In the defense soap, the use of peppermint and tea tree oil is beneficial in such cases. It gives you aromatherapy shots, thus soothing mood and enhancing activeness. There is no artificial fragrance or dye added. Moreover, separately boxed soaps imply that they can be stored for a long and should be kept separately.

If you are encountering any classic contact sport hygiene issues, you are recommended to give defense soap a try. Consider the use of this soap as a precautionary step as it takes part in protecting the skin barrier over time. It doesn’t only cure skin problems (fungal infections, etc.) but prevents future breakouts as well.

Don’t try defense soap as a solution for acne as it has no benefit to this skin problem. You can only help with skin cleansing and treating/preventing fungal infections.

Topical Pain Relief

If you are living a sedentary lifestyle and start workouts, initially, you will suffer muscle soreness. Individuals taking part in BJJ training also suffer from this condition. If the condition lasts longer, it is an alarming sign and, you should consider whether you are overtraining.

In strenuous workouts, all muscles experience tension, and in these cases, stretching provides relief. Major body parts affected by these conditions include the neck, back, knees and shoulders. For treating soreness issues properly, the best recommendation is topical pain relief. These include 3 products;

  1. Tiger Balm
  2. Biofreeze
  3. Penetrex

Icepacks are also recommended by Physiotherapists to use for relief in muscle ache. If you suffer muscle fatigue often, then try Canabbidiol topicals. In case of injuries, first, consult your trainer and then go for remedies. Your coach may help you follow precautions during the training.

1.   Tiger Balm

It is topical pain relief with analgesic effects. In a single application, this ointment provides immediate relief in case of muscle stiffness and bone/muscle ache.

2.   Biofreeze

It is a worldwide trusted and magical herbal formula for instant pain relief. This ointment will penetrate deep into the sore joints and provide long-lasting analgesic effects.

3.   Penetrex

It is a good recommendation for individuals encountering backache, arthritis or joint pain. Penetrex is effective in CTS, Tennis Elbow and many other inflammation-related conditions.

For muscle soreness, biofreeze is recommended as the best suitable product. For senstive skins, soap mentioned in the article should be given a try. If you tried these products, do let us know in the comment section.


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