Pursuing Compensation After a Truck Accident: Understanding the Role of Driver Fatigue

In the event of an accident involving a commercial truck, it is essential to have a Houston car accident attorney representing you in order to pursue compensation from the trucking company. One of the leading causes of truck accidents is driver fatigue, as exhausted drivers continue to operate their vehicles, endangering themselves and others on the road. Work with our firm to understand the steps to take if you believe truck driver fatigue was a contributing factor in your accident.

Establishing negligence:

Informing your Houston car accident attorney if you suspect driver fatigue was a factor in your truck accident is critical. Various indicators, such as failure to stop before the collision, veering into other lanes, or making reckless driving decisions, may suggest driver fatigue. Sadly, many commercial truck drivers operate their vehicles while exhausted regularly. Establishing this negligence could prove pivotal in your case.

Truck driver fatigue:

Truck driver fatigue is a significant issue nationwide, with up to 40% of all truck accidents being attributed to commercial truck driver fatigue. Several factors contribute to this problem, such as tight delivery deadlines and trucking companies’ profit-driven demands for more driving hours.

In response to this problem, laws have been established to prevent fatigued truck driving. These laws include mandatory 30-minute breaks after eight hours of driving, a maximum 70-hour workweek, 34 hours of mandatory time off after reaching a 70-hour workweek, a maximum of 11 hours of total daily driving time, and a maximum workday of 14 hours.

Despite these laws, fatigue remains a significant factor in many truck accidents. Some trucking companies encourage their drivers to drive while fatigued and even violate the laws put in place to prevent it. For example, they may directly instruct drivers to drive longer hours or set unrealistic deadlines and expectations.

It is crucial to inform your injury attorney if you suspect that fatigue was the cause of your truck accident. This information can help your attorney hold the responsible party accountable and secure the compensation you deserve.

Final Thoughts:

Although the truck driver may deny driving while drowsy, your Houston car accident attorney can assist in establishing fatigue as the cause of your case in numerous ways. In the event of an accident, we firmly believe that you deserve to receive adequate compensation for the injuries and damages sustained. Our successful track record of securing damages for our clients demonstrates our commitment to this belief. Please reach out to us now to receive a complimentary case evaluation with our firm.

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