Questions That Will Help You Decide if Senior Living is for You

Senior living is designed for older adults, usually those over the age of 55. It is perfect for those who need a community and help around them but who also value their independence and freedom. Numerous options are available but even with these choices, it is still important to determine if moving to one would be best for you. Here are some questions where the answers should help you decide.

How Easy Is It to Maintain Your Home?

A home is a source of pride for any homeowner, but it can be a burden to maintain as one gets older. It may be that the house has a yard that requires maintenance, hedges and gardens that need lots of care or extra rooms that need to be kept clean. If your home has lots of stairs, it may be difficult to get to every part of the home meaning that its maintenance is likely to suffer.

You could remedy some of these issues by getting the help you need from time to time. Apart from hiring a caregiver, you may also ask your family to help. Both are usually a temporary measure. Senior living facilities remove the need for this maintenance, instead letting you thrive and enjoy your life. This is the better arrangement for the long term.

Is It Difficult Connecting to Friends and Family?

As we get older, some of the connections we have made become difficult to maintain. Many people end up seeing their friends a lot less, and their families start visiting less often as their lives get busier. You could also live in an area where it is difficult to get around or have mobility or health issues that make things harder than they used to be.

If you have a hard time connecting to friends and family, you could be at risk of isolation and loneliness. Both can lead to stress, depression and a myriad of other health issues. While phones and the internet can help fill some of the gap, nothing can replace real physical human connections.

Senior living facilities come with built-in communities full of peers striving to live their best lives. Additionally, senior living St. Louis MO like The Gatesworth provide numerous events and activities that help create lasting bonds and relationships.

Are You Safe?

Safety is a serious consideration for seniors who live alone. This is because they are often targeted by malicious actors trying to take advantage of their age. Additionally, the features in your home might make it unsafe as you get older. For example, stairs, bathrooms and even hallways all become tripping and slipping hazards as we age.

How is Your Health?

We should all think about our current and future health. If you have a progressive condition or one that requires continuous care, a senior living facility could be the option for you. Some of these facilities also provide other services like assisted living and memory care for those who need them.

No one wants to leave their home and life behind, but it may be necessary as one gets older. Having a community around us, the care and comfort we need, and the safety we require are all strong reasons for considering this living arrangement.


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