Reasons Why Bed Bugs Keep Coming Back 

Bed bugs are brownish-red colored and tiny bloodsucking bugs that live around humans and animals and feed on their blood. They can not only be annoying and leave bite marks all over your body, but they also carry diseases that spread around when they feed on people. However, the debate of whether they can transmit disease to humans is still ongoing. 

If you had recently hired pest control services to remove a bed bug infestation and they have come back, you might be questioning what is causing that. Well, bed bugs can come back and start an infestation again after professional treatment due to various reasons. Knowing what these reasons are and how to keep them away can help. 

Reasons why bed bugs keep coming back 

  • You are using DIY methods that are not working as they should. 

Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy, especially when they are large in number. Doing so requires a lot of knowledge and skills, and the process should be handled professionally only. Moreover, bed bugs are not the only problem you have to deal with. Bed bug eggs may be even tinier and difficult to locate for the unprofessional eye. 

When you try to remove bed bugs using DIY methods, you are going to end up inviting them back. This is why it is recommended to refer to experts. 

Bed bugs can be a recurring nightmare if not dealt with properly. It’s not just about eliminating them once, but ensuring they don’t make a comeback. For comprehensive and effective solutions, consider consulting with a professional pest control in Rexburg, who can help you maintain a bug-free home in the long run.

  • The infestation is bigger than you think. 

Bed bugs are not just hiding in your room, and they may be greater in numbers than you think. They are tiny, and so are their eggs, and it can be challenging to spot them. There are a number of different places where they may be hiding, such as the carpets, electronic devices, crevices of your bed, etc. Apart from them, bed bugs can hide literally anywhere in your house. It might not be possible for you to reach every corner of your house and remove them. 

  • You have not called the professionals. 

Unless you have the skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques to deal with a huge bed bug infestation, you won’t find many results trying to remove the infestation on your own. Professionals have what they need to inspect a property for pests and treat it completely. If you see a few crawling around or suspect an infestation, call them to prevent further bugs from spreading. 

If you are not able to get rid of the bed bugs, these are some of the common reasons why it is probably happening. Call pest control services today. 

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