Reasons Why Local SEO Is Mightier During the COVID Pandemic

The pandemic brought devastations around the world. It’s terrible seeing people lose their lives to this deadly health crisis. Businesses also suffered due to the lockdown measures. The good thing is that some businesses have become creative and found a way to push through amid the crisis. Companies that relied on SEO to maintain online presence have made the right choice. SEO Manchester suggests that focusing on local SEO is even more critical and succeeding on this front helps maintain your business’ success, even in an unfavorable situation. Asking for local SEO services also helps. These are the reasons for investing in local SEO during this pandemic. 

It keeps your target audiences informed

Focusing on SEO isn’t only about telling people to visit your website and buy your products. Give them something they can benefit from. Providing constant information on your website is one of them. Since everyone worries about this pandemic, offer health advice from experts on your website. You can also give useful links about testing, vaccination, treatment, and other essential details to fight the virus. 

Another way to inform these people is by pointing them in the right direction in terms of services. For example, you can gather information about restaurants offering takeout and delivery services. It also helps to show them to local and online stores that have promotions. You become a one-stop shop for everything the locals need during this pandemic. It boosts integrity and makes people decide to continue visiting your website. It also brings more traffic to your page. Not everyone might decide to buy your products and services right away, but you know these people are coming back. 

Optimize the “near me” searches

Local SEO focuses on the optimization of the “near me” searches. Your goal is to attract people nearby. It became even more critical during this pandemic. Everyone should stay home and only go out if necessary. There are even restrictions on inter-city or state trips. While some of these mandates are no longer in place, many people remain cautious. Some people prefer staying home or buying something from the nearest local store. If you optimize these “near me” searches, you will be among the top choices. Expect more locals to patronize what you offer. During this pandemic, convenience is also important. 

You retain brand awareness

Some businesses can’t operate during the pandemic due to closure orders. While it’s unfortunate that you can’t continue to profit, it doesn’t mean your business is over. Use this opportunity to maintain an online presence. Eventually, the mandate gets taken away, and you can operate as usual. If you didn’t work on brand awareness, people would forget your company. Imagine if your competitors heavily invested in local SEO. By the time everything gets back to normal, people already forgot you. The marketing campaign will go back to scratch. 

It might take time to restart tourism 

The tourism industry is virtually dead during this pandemic. Several airlines might not even recover because of the international travel restrictions. In some places, even domestic trips have restrictions. Therefore, many people will rely on local tourism first. They will also count on local businesses for their needs. If you attract these potential customers using local SEO, expect them to choose you. Continue exposing everyone to what your company offers and what it stands for. 

Your competitors are working hard on SEO strategies

If you take the backseat in the SEO wars, you’re allowing your competitors to take the top spot. You might also be complacent because you continued making profits amid the health crisis. Without the right local SEO tactics, it’s only a matter of time before your lead collapses. You also allow others to study more techniques to do better while waiting until this pandemic is over. Since there seems to be no end in sight, you should make the most of what’s available now. 

COVID-related topics are always trending

Since this pandemic started, people couldn’t stop talking about the virus. There are also endless searches on the pandemic in Google and other platforms. Therefore, having topics related to the health crisis can boost your online presence. It might also push you higher on the rankings. Without an effort to do well on that front, you can never catch up. 

Local SEO services are necessary

You can’t do everything by yourself, especially if you have no experience dealing with local SEO. Allow experts to help out. They will do everything to boost your online presence. You can also count on the results to be favorable since they successfully did it with other companies in the past.


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