Rummy for real money is a very popular game of cards that are played at parties and in casinos around the globe. It is believed to have been played throughout the world for a few centuries. There are two popular stories about the origin of rummy, the first being that modern-day rummy is an evolution of a Mexican game called ‘Conquian’. The second story is that it is an evolution of a Chinese game that was played in the nineteenth century and from there it came to India. Despite the game being around for so long, it gained popularity after the 1920s, it became a game people would play for entertainment. The most recent development has been the online version of this game which has made it even more popular and now people don’t even need a group of people to play with as they can play alone.

About the game

Playing a game of rummy is relatively easy which has contributed to its popularity, it can be played between more than two people or it can be played online. The number of cards that each player gets depends on the number of players and there is a draw pile in between and each player takes one card from the draw pile and then plays a meld of cards or lays off a card and the players must add a card to the discard pile. There is a scoring scheme for the game and the person with the most number of points wins the game.

Easy to learn and play, this game is played in many different ways, the basics remain that the person who is the first to reach the set number of points wins. The most popular game of rummy in our country is the Indian Rummy, for which we need two decks of cards and it is very popular online. Other popular versions of rummy are dummy rummy, rummy 500, and gin rummy.

Rummy has got a bad impression on some sections of society because it is used widely for gambling and also played in live casinos. Though The Supreme Court of India has said that it is a ‘’ game of skill’’ and not purely of chance so competitions involving prizes are permitted by the Constitution of India.


The game of rummy has not lost its place in the modern world, in fact, we can say that with the culture of online rummy the game has become even more popular amongst the younger generation and has become a popular game played for amusement. In every part of the world, the game has a different face but the point is that it is popular enough to be played everywhere. One of the things that makes it so popular is that all you will need is a deck of 52 cards and two or more players, if not this then maybe just a phone or a laptop. Even after a few years, we are sure to find people playing rummy as it is sure to stand the test of time.


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