Safe Drinking Water and Healthy Society with Reverse Osmosis System

Water is one of the most essential elements for every living being. When it comes to drinking water, the necessity is the same but the availability of pure drinking water is hard. The municipality’s drinking water is supplied to every locality and home through connected pipes and tap water that contaminates the water with time and makes it unfit to consume.

Furthermore, this contaminated and impure water can lead to water-borne diseases like jaundice, cholera, typhoid, etc. Therefore, this impure and contaminated water can be brought back to pure form through Water ATM. Indeed, a Water ATM is a quick and affordable way to get pure drinking water. It is available with 24 hours accessibility. Hence, a Water ATM is the best way to get pure drinking water without wasting time and money.

Water ATM Reverse Osmosis System

Water ATM is a great convenience for a ceaseless water supply to society. The private companies and government have supported the initiative to manufacture and install Water ATM. Thus, the Water ATM is also known as the “Water Vending Machine”. It provides drinking water filtered by a Reverse Osmosis System. Hence, it can be operated by a coin or smart card as well. It is the most convenient and safest way to get pure drinking water at affordable rates. Thus, the Water ATM has gained popularity in metropolitan areas and various other locales.

Need of Water ATM or Water Vending Machine

Initially, the Water ATM came into use in Delhi in 2015. At first, the government decided to install the Water ATM in areas, especially those without any official authorization or authority. Thus, the setup of more than 250 Water ATMs took place. In the recent era the states like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, are installing Water ATMs in different localities and public places. Now the initiative to deliver the society with safe and pure drinking water has been reached and is still in progress to reach several localities as well. Hence, be it a small town or metropolitan city, urban or rural area, the Water ATM is designed and should be installed to serve healthy drinking water to society.

Working of Water Vending Machine or Water ATM

Water ATMs can be installed in various private and public places. It can be installed on the roadside, railway stains, bus stations, hospitals, metro stations, schools, theatres, etc. Again, Water ATMs are highly cost-efficient, easy to operate, inexpensive, and most importantly offer safer drinking water than packaged water.

  • At first, the water passes through the water inlet. Next, it reaches the medium comprising the activated carbon filter and multiple layers of sand. Therefore, it eliminates the suspended particles from the water and the foul smell too
  • Next, the activated carbon filter removes the toxic oil particles and gases. In addition, the 5-micron filtration eliminates the micron particles from the RO water
  • Further, the water is dispensed to the membrane with the help of a high-pressure pump as per the required pressure
  • Now the UV system will completely eradicate the cells of bacteria from water
  • At last, the filtered and purified water passes and fills in the tank. Next, the stored water flows to the chiller from the tank and can be withdrawn to drink and quench one’s thirst
  • Now, one who needs water to drink can put the coin in the machine and can have the water

A highly prominent feature of the Water ATM or Water Vending Machine

  • Water ATM or Water Vending Machine is operated with a coin or smart card. Hence, it is easy to operate and retains a user-friendly layout
  • Water ATM demands a low level of power consumption
  • It is very manageable to install. Indeed it can be installed at various public places and private places too
  • It offers instant purified, filtered, and superior quality drinking water
  • It ensures the facility of power backup. Also, it comprises of LED display at the front for comfortable usage
  • It allows the water dispensing at the rate of 1/2/5 rupees coin
  • It also consists of a monitoring system to monitor the water level. When the water level is detected low the monitoring system will automatically stop the machine
  • The coin input is 100% tamper-proof

Water ATM have indeed come up with many benefits. It has made daily life easier and also cost-efficient for all. The appliance has aimed at protecting environmental protection with reduced plastic packaging water. When the lack of pure water affected many, the Water ATM played a major role in delivering healthy drinking water. Today the government and private sector together are focusing on quality water management. The water purifier appliances have offered transparency to the users. Above all, it has assisted the community at both individual and social levels with cost-effective healthy drinking water. Finally, if you visit this site, then you will know about Waterdrop reverse osmosis water purifier.


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