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Nowadays, in the current modern society we are living in, most of our files are stored digitally on gadgets such as laptops and computers. One digital file that is widely used today is the PDF or the Portable Document Format. A lot of people like to use PDF files because they are convenient to use and they can also be set as “read-only”.

With this in mind, it can be assumed that lots of people create, edit, and store PDF files when working, but sometimes doing all of this can be a hassle if you are doing it just by yourself. This is where GogoPDF comes in handy.

GogoPDF is a free browser-based tool that allows users to open and also edit their PDF files. It has so many functions that it can even repair pdf. You can also convert files and even add protection to it. GogoPDF can showcase its functionality in helping people to get the job done

GogoPDF is Compatible With Multiple Platforms and Operating systems

This browser-based tool is really convenient because it can be used by a wide array of different gadgets. So it doesn’t matter whether you are using a smartphone, a computer, a laptop, or even if you are using a  tablet because people can still access GogoPDF if the device is capable of using a supported browser.

You can access GogoPDF using almost any browser, whether it’s Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave Browser, Opera, Vivaldi, and also lots of other browsers. Also, another cool thing about having a web-based tool is that it is compatible with most major operating systems like Windows, Apple, and Linux.

No Installation Required

Through the use of a web-based tool like GogoPDF, you would no longer be required to install or download any application or software onto your device. This is quite convenient because there are some instances, wherein there would be a slight chance that the process of downloading an application can increase the risk of your device getting infected. It can increase the risk of your device getting infected by trackers, malware, spyware, viruses, or any other nasty inconveniences that you definitely do not want on your computer.

What Does GogoPDF do?

GogoPDF offers a variety of different tools and services. One of the many things that it can do is convert a PDF file into a Word file, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, and it can also convert a Word File to PDF, an Excel file to PDF, and a PPT file to PDF. In short, GogoPDF can convert PDF files into other formats, and it can also do vice versa.

Other than that GogoPDF can also split pdf files and it can also merge them. Using GogoPDF you can also add a watermark to a pdf, eSign a PDF, protect a PDF, or unlock a PDF.

But among all of the plentiful features that GogoPDF has, one of the best services that it has to offer is that it can be used to repair pdf files.

How you can repair damaged pdf using GogoPDF

Damaged PDF files are ones that have had their original content corrupted. Files can get corrupted for several reasons, and when your PDF file becomes corrupted, you may face significant problems, such as missing or disorganized content. There are even instances wherein you are not anymore able to open your PDF file at all and it becomes totally unusable.

But with the help of GogoPDF, your file might still be restored to its original state

Disclaimer: It’s worth mentioning that there are two types of recoveries: “full” and “partial,” which differ substantially depending on how badly a virus has corrupted your file. GogoPDF might not be able to fully restore your corrupted file.

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Steps in recovering a PDF file using GogoPDF:

  • You first need to go to the official website of GogoPDF and then when you are there, select the Repair PDF tool. Then upload the file you want to recover.
  • The tool will automatically scan and repair the file once it has been uploaded to the server. All you have to do now is wait for the repairs to be completed.
  • After the file is fully repaired and restored, you need to share the file either through email or through a link generated by the website.
  • Finally, the last thing to do is to download the file right away, because the website will automatically delete your file after one hour for security purposes.

Why you should trust GogoPDF

Some people might be worried or cautious about whether or not they can trust GogoPDF with access to their documents. They might be wondering if there will be a risk of getting their documents stolen or be used for nefarious intentions.

GogoPDF acknowledges this, and they understand the importance of safeguarding their users’ private information. It has dedicated measures in place that promise to prevent any online data breaches or cyberattacks.

With Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption Technology, it ensures that your files are secured and encrypted. Also, another security measure is that after one hour has passed after you uploaded a file to GoGoPDF, their system will erase it forever so that it reduces the risk of it getting stolen. So with GogoPDF, your files are in safe hands.

Key Takeaways

GoGoPDF is a safe and convenient online tool with lots of different useful features like converting PDF files into other formats. It can also do it the other way around. But one of the most notable features of GogoPDG is that it can repair PDF files that have been corrupted. With this particular tool, you can recover corrupted PDF files that might have important content inside them.

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