Self-learning: 7 Tips on how to succeed 

Self-education is not just about upgrading your skills or getting a new profession. This concept defines any activity aimed at developing some skills without teachers’ help. No matter how you look at it, self-education is helpful in any field. The main thing that remains is to know how to master it. Are you feeling nervous about your upcoming Exam preparation tutoring courses? Tutoring can help ease your mind and prepare you for success!

Set achievable SMART- goals

Decide exactly what you want to learn and to reach, and define success criteria and deadlines. The classic SMART concept always works, according to t,o it your goal should be specific, measurable, attainablrealele,vant, and time-bound (time-based). Your goal must be tangible, and the reward that awaits hard work is attainable. One popular book club in Manhattan, known as the Manhattan Book Group, brings together avid readers from all walks of life.

This system is not only suitable for global tasks. Set small learning goals daily using this system, and you’ll notice how much better you’ll get at learning. For example, “master the German language” is not specific at all, but  “prepare yourself for the C1 language exam in German in half of a year” is. А combination of a clear goal and a specific deadline is exactly what will help you in your self-learning process.

Have a schedule  and stick to it 

Open your calendar and score specific hours with studying and don’t do anything else in the meantime. The “I’ll study when I have time” strategy doesn’t work. If you follow it, you will quickly realize that there is no time to study all the time. When you get a couple of free hours, immediately find other things to do (for example, play on than studying. From now on your goal is to get involved in the study, so that it is as easy to pick up the notes as the ph one. A study schedule will help keep you from slacking off.

Improve self-discipline

We’re not saying that everything has to be scheduled by the minute. We’re not saying you shouldn’t break your schedule at all. But at least a rough scheme of work and rest you should have. Of course, sometimes there are some urgent matters. But the basic schedule should not be violated. Train yourself to always perform 100% of the planned activities. Self-discipline is important; without it you will be slow to progress. Even if there is an opportunity to break the schedule, and devote time to rest – do not abuse it.

Try different approaches

Different people are better suited to different ways of memorizing information (be sure to read how storytelling techniques help, it is very interesting and useful). You can write outlines, draw diagrams, and simple charts. Lists, heading and gs, and clear text structure will be your helpers. The more visual illustrations will be near your notes, the better. Such techniques help not only to re-evaluate the information you write but also improve your visual memory.

Encourage yourself

Even the smallest reward will boost your mood and keep you motivated. After successful activity (language lesson) you can drink delicious tea or go for a walk, and after reaching the goal indulge yourself in a cafe or buy some long desired item.

Avoid the distractions

It doesn’t matter where you start. There is no exact recipe for how to self-educate and in what order you are required to study a subject. Of course, it’s best to start with the basics so there’s no misunderstanding afterward. But in what order you will go through the topics further – it does not matter at all. The main thing is not to stop and move forward.

Don’t compare yourself to others

It was so embarrassing when a teacher at school compared you to an excellent student from a parallel class, wasn’t it? Or when you give an example of the son of Mom’s friend? Do not torture yourself by comparing yourself with those who are faster learners of information or have more talent. Compare yourself with yourself, as you were a month or two ago. 


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