Serhii Tokarev from Roosh: Benefits and Challenges Ukraine Expects When the War is over

Despite the cruel war of Russia against the Ukrainian nation, the country is making headway in the IT sector. Many initiatives and charitable IT projects have been created to support talented people to grow in this direction and invest in Ukraine to rebuild it when the war is over. The Roosh Founding Partner Serhii Tokarev shared his optimistic forecast of the Ukrainian IT future and commented on challenges coming along the way.

The full-scale invasion by Russia started almost 2 years ago. Since then, Ukrainian IT has confronted many ups and downs. However, Serhii Tokarevbelieves that Ukraine has great potential after the victory, as no other country would. There will be tens of thousands of qualified IT specialists delivering value to the country.

Joining the new trend of cooperation

Serhii Tokarevemphasizes that cooperation and assistance to Ukraine will be a kind of trend that the global IT players would like to join. Such an approach will have a positive impact on the number of tech companies in Ukraine and reinforce the cooperation of the IT segment with the state, in particular, artificial intelligence and military tech.

Entering the global tech labor market

Regarding the global issue of massive layoffs, Serhii Tokarev predicts that a significant number of Ukrainian IT experts can enter the global tech labor market. For example, in the USA, many IT companies have been changing their employees to outsourcing, meaning a few office staff will be. The investor also adds that there is a drastic demand for highly qualified engineers (especially hardware) and product managers in Ukraine as well as in other countries. Ukrainian tech specialists represent a professional and reasonably affordable labor force. So, there is a high probability that they can take the positions of dismissed employees abroad.

Adopting new experiences

The Roosh founding partner also believes that after the victory, many foreigners might come to Ukraine. This will be a great opportunity for Ukraine to adopt the experience of thousands of smart people who are rushing to the country.

However, the entrepreneur highlights the challenges expected to show up. The main challenge is attracting investments in the technological sphere, and war is the main reason. Tokarev says foreign investors demand that their key project teams might be relocated to safer places, which is understandable. They want to decrease the risks associated with both the possibility of working and even the whole well-being of a company.

Serhii Tokarev also adds that the war affects productivity despite the bravery and resilience of Ukrainians. This problem can be seen when blackouts happen in the country.

Roosh is a tech company focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The company was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, and its development occurred during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. Its portfolio includes such projects as AI/ML-community AI HOUSE, SET University, startups Reface and ZibraAI, venture studio Pawa, venture company Roosh Ventures, and research company Neurons Lab.


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