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When registering for bk8 successfully, you will receive countless super hot hits. So how to register an account on the BK8 bookie? All will be revealed by admin in today’s post.

1.Steps to register for BK8 are simple and fast

Currently, the house BK8 has two versions for everyone to register.

1.1 PC version

With this version, you will register for BK8 with 3 quick steps.

Step 1: Visit the website link of the BK8 bookie.

Step 2: After successful access, the right side of the screen will appear “Join now” and you click here.

Step 3: Fill in the required information on the screen.

Includes: username (remember for the next login) – password (including 20 characters written in unsigned, no spaces, alphanumeric) – re-enter password – phone number ( requires correct input to receive OTP code) – email – currency (if in Vietnam, choose VND) – Full name (fill correctly, match the name on the bank account).

Register BK8 On PC Via Website

1.2 Mobile version

Registering for BK8 on a phone is almost the same as on a computer, but the process will be easier and simpler.

Step 1: Access the BK8 app on your phone.

Step 2: On the phone screen, the dealer’s interface appears, click register.

Step 3: Enter the same information as step 3 done on the computer. (Note that the correct input must match the requirements on the screen, the information must be accurate and authentic.

Register BK8 Quickly

2. What to keep in mind when becoming a member of BK8

Although the BK8 registration process is quick and easy, to be completely accurate you need to keep the following in mind:

The information entered in the registration form must be accurate. Especially name, phone number and bank account number.

When you are 18 years or older, you can join at the BK8 house. In case of fraud, not true, the account will be permanently locked.

About the name, phone number and bank account number must be from the same person for faster authentication. In addition, with accurate information, deposit and withdrawal transactions will take place smoothly.

Once the account registration process is successful, you can join the game online anytime, anywhere, just connecting to the Internet.

For the steps of account registration, you need to follow the requirements written on the screen, especially enter the password.

3.Register for BK8 – Receive thousands of offers

When you officially become a member of BK8, you will receive super bargains. This is also the reason that we recommend you to join BK8 quickly.

New member offer: Up to 200% high discount for first-time registration accounts.

Daily attendance to receive 50k: When you successfully register as a member, checkin daily, you will receive 50k for free. However, the requirement to receive this 50k is that you must conduct a transaction of 200 VND per day.

Daily 1% Cashback Offer: This offer will be applied to all accounts. That is, when you proceed to deposit money into your account, the system will automatically calculate and refund 1% daily. This amount you can easily withdraw to your account without making bets.

When you refer a friend to successfully register an account at BK8, you will immediately receive 100k in cash. Note that you need to enter your own referral code.

Transactions via Bitcoin and USDT get 10% off: The minimum deposit value for each transaction is 200 VND, each customer can only participate once a week. This offer is limited in number, so you need to sign up quickly.

Sign Up for BK8 Get Great Gifts

4.Some frequently asked questions when registering BK8

When participating in BK8 betting, most users have the following common questions:

4.1 How many accounts can one player register?

Each user information can only register 1 account. In case of registering more than 1 account and being detected, the account will be permanently locked.

4.2 Is it possible to register BK8 for relatives and friends?

It is completely possible to register for relatives and friends. However, to successfully register, you need to ensure that the user information is correct and complete. Specifically such as Phone number, Full name and bank account number. If you use your information to register for someone else, both accounts may be locked.

Xem : đăng ký bk8

4.3 When registering an account at BK8, will the information be leaked through a 3rd party or not?

BK8 has a high security mode, so user information and resources are always safe and not leaked to the outside. Besides, hackers can’t steal can’t steal customer information.


In today’s article, we have introduced to you the steps, notes, and frequently asked questions for BK8 registration. Hopefully with the above information, you can experience interesting moments at the BK8 bookie.


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