Signs and Symptoms of Memory Loss

Memory loss can be a tricky thing to deal with. Whether it is a symptom of dementia, a result of a concussion/brain injury, or infection in the brain, it is important to catch the early signs before it gets too severe. These are things to look out for if you think memory loss has occurred. Make sure to see a healthcare professional or memory/dementia care shelley idaho as well to seek help if there is a serious concern. 

 1. Confusion

With memory loss, you can be confused where you are, what day it is, and may even forget who you are. It may also be difficult to understand time and get confused if something is not happening at that current moment. It can be easy to forget things that have already happened. 

 2. Forgetting How to Use Something

Tasks you have learned to do before, even daily ones that you don’t even think twice about doing, can feel unfamiliar. This is because the part of your brain that works to figure out processes has lost some function. It can also be harder to concentrate on trying to complete these tasks or figure out how something works. 

3. Getting Lost Places 

Because forgetfulness is a common problem with memory loss, you may find yourself in a place that seems unfamiliar and not remember how you got there. Especially since spatial receptors are not working properly, it can be hard to retrace how you got there. Something that people with memory loss do are put things in weird or unusual places. This makes it even harder to retrace steps and retrieve the items. 

 4. Communication Struggles

Those with memory loss may find it hard to access all the words that they really do know, but are blocked from it. It may be hard for them to carry on a conversation since they do not have the vocabulary they used to and it can take them longer to process the information they are hearing. 

 5. Personality Shift 

Dealing with memory loss may cause anxiety in the person that has it. This can be from confusion and lack of remembrance. If your mood is normally happy and calm, memory loss may cause you to feel agitated and nervous. You may also lose your sense of judgment, which can make you act out.

 6. Paranoia

The confusion and anxiety can also cause you to feel paranoid. For example, if you displace something like your keys or wallet, you may become paranoid that someone is stealing them since you can’t recall losing them. 


Many of these signs and symptoms are related to dementia, but you may still suffer from them through other means that can cause memory loss. These signs are good indicators that something may be wrong with the normal function of your brain. Do not hesitate to seek help if any of these signs come up. If you catch them early enough and seek that help, you can prevent it from getting worse and treat the present symptoms. 


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