Signs of Aggressive Driving

Nobody likes angry and aggressive people. However, when these people get down to driving, things can become more dangerous. Aggressive driving causes thousands of deaths every year in the United States and is one of the major causes of car accidents. 

When you spot an aggressive driver on the road, you should try to keep as much distance from them as possible to keep yourself safe. However, if the aggressive driver ends up hitting your vehicle and causing harm, you must contact a Conyers car accident lawyer and explore your legal options. 

Signs of aggressive driving

  • Speeding. 

Speeding is one of the most common signs of an aggressive driver. Aggressive drivers often tend to break the traffic laws by going above the speeding limit mainly because they are annoyed or frustrated with something going on in their personal life. Sometimes drivers get angry due to staying in traffic jams for hours.

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  • Failing to yield right of way. 

Aggressive drivers do not care about the vehicles and pedestrians on the road and often fail to yield the right of way. Drivers who do not yield the right of the way put themselves as well as others on the road in danger. Sometimes situations like these may even result in a life-threatening accident. 

  • Weaving. 

Weaving refers to frequent and unsafe ways of changing the road lanes. Aggressive drivers are impatient and try to get ahead of as many motorists as possible. For doing this, they often engage in unsafe lane changes, which are extremely dangerous. 

  • Failing to signal. 

As we have stated in the first point, aggressive drivers do not care about traffic laws and are found to be breaking them every chance they get. Failing to signal is absolutely necessary for your as well as others’ safety on the road. When you fail to signal, the other people on the road do not understand your intentions about what you are trying to do. Changing lanes or making last-minute turns without signaling the other drivers is also illegal. 

  • Tailgating. 

Everyone who drives a car is aware of the fact that driving too close to the vehicle in front of your car is extremely dangerous and can result in rear-end accidents if the at-front vehicle presses the brakes suddenly. Here, the rear vehicle does not get enough time to react to the situation and hits the at-front vehicle, causing severe injuries and vehicle damages. 

These are the signs of an aggressive driver. If you spot one on the road, do not try to challenge them or teach them a lesson for their behavior as it can be dangerous for you as well. Instead, try to take distance from them, and if they end up injuring you, contact an attorney for help. 

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