Six Reasons Technology Is Useful In Cricket

Cricket is a popular sport that has been around for many years. The sport has improved over the years, becoming one of the major go-to options in online sports betting. As a result, many fans worldwide have continued exploring the sport’s incredible parts. So, it is one of the best sports.

One of the main reasons cricket has become more popular is because of technological advancements. So, let’s check out why technology is helpful in cricket.

Improves the Decision-Making Process for Umpires

One of the reasons why technology is useful in Cricket is that it improves the decision-making process for umpires. This technology for making decisions is called DRS ( Decision Review System), which was first introduced in test cricket in 2008 and has been implemented since then in limited-overs formats.

This technology uses various technologies, including hot-spot, and ball-tracking, to help umpires make good decisions. The basic idea of this technology is to give teams a limited number of opportunities to change every decision made by the umpires if they feel it is incorrect.

So, in test cricket, each team is limited to two unsuccessful reviews each innings, and in limited-overs cricket, they are limited to one unsuccessful review per innings. Other technologies used in DRS are Snickometer and ultra edge.

Enhances Performance Tracking

Technology is useful in cricket because it makes performance tracking easier. The technology used for this purpose is an IoT-based sensor, which helps improve several players’ performance. It is a card-size sensor usually mounted on the tip of the cricket bat to collect data.

As a result, the sensor sends the data to the stump box, which has an IoT gateway. After that, a machine learning algorithm analyzes the data. However, these data can be used to improve skill development and training.

Gives Coaches Access to More Data

Another reason technology is useful in Cricket is that it gives coaches access to more data. With data analytics technology, coaches have the opportunity to know everything about their players as well as their opponents.

So with this technology, coaches know how each player can play, their average weaknesses, and how they can perform in each weather.

However,  access to more data about your players with this technology helps the coach know the proper formation and players to use ahead of every game. Coaches can also check updates and information about players in other teams to know how to make strategies before they face them.

Better View for Fans

Technology has helped fans in a better view during a cricket game, which is one reason technology is useful in Cricket. Different technology under this course has helped the fans, including the flying camera, for a better view.

An example of this flying camera is the drone camera designed by the company, Batcam, which was used in the ICC Men’s World Cup 2019.

This camera is used to capture shots from quite close to the ground to skyline view, thanks to its 360-degree viewing angle. In addition, the camera was controlled remotely and equipped with automatic collision avoidance systems.

Anotherone is the one designed by Spektacom, and it’s called PowerBat technology. The technology provides real-time feedback on batting performance, including data on impact location, bat, launch angle, twist, and the power behind every shot.

This technology uses ultra-lightweight unobtrusive sensors placed at the back of the bat to compute the batting metrics using machine learning algorithms. It is later shared in real-time for broadcasting, which allows the audience to understand the science behind power-hitting.

Ball Tracking System

The ball tracking system is another reason technology is useful in Cricket. An example is the ball tracking designed by Hawk-eye innovations, which uses six cameras. They are placed around the ground in specific locations, covering the entire movements of the ball, from the bowler’s hand to stop at intervals of every 1/100th of a second.

The ball is then identified in the images. Next, its position from the ground is calculated through a method known as triangulation. The umpires and viewers employ a 3D visualization with ball path prediction that is created when the images are synced.

Improved Training Gear

Another useful technology in Cricket is that it has improved training gear. As we all know, cricket is a game that requires  a substantial amount of gear in order to be safe and perform at one’s best.

So, technology has improved training gears for that purpose. So, the training gears include ball throwers, backyard bowling machines, batting nets, technique training balls, and so on.

Technology has undoubtedly played a significant role in enhancing various aspects of cricket, from player performance analysis to decision-making. One such innovative technology that has proven useful in sports, including cricket, is Drone Georeferencing. This advanced technique allows for accurate mapping and analysis of terrain, which can be beneficial in assessing pitch conditions, planning stadium construction, and even analyzing player movements. To learn more about the various ways technology is revolutionizing cricket, be sure to read the insightful article that highlights six key reasons.


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