Skycell’s 1500x Hybrid Container – The Next Generation of Cold Chain Logistics

The discussion of active vs. passive is slowly falling into oblivion, with hybrid containers dominating the cold chain industry. It should not be surprising, since more and more companies offer this solution and newly invented vessels are being even better than their predecessors. So is with Skycell’s 1500x Hybrid Container. What does it offer, and how can it surprise you? Find out by reading this article.

The 1500x Deep-Frozen Container – All You Need to Know

Let’s begin by taking a deeper look at the 1500x Hybrid Container. It has a lot to offer when compared to the older models from the same company, so it is natural that we should go over its specifications.


The first element that we will evaluate is the size. Surprisingly, the 1500x Hybrid Container is a bit smaller on the outside than the previous vessels offered by this producer. Yet, when looking at the internal capacity, the case is quite different. The new 1500x deep-frozen container can store more products inside than similar vessels, making it exceedingly ergonomic.

We should also mention weight here. Unsurprisingly, considering its dimensions, the 1500x Hybrid Container weights less than its predecessors. Thus, we can clearly conclude that it offers more capacity for less space.
What stays the same in this particular vessels is the internal temperature. Ranging from +2℃ to +8℃ in the COL model, and +15℃ to +25℃ in the CRT model, it keeps the same capabilities as the previous containers from this particular manufacturer.

What is different, though, is the external temperature limit. The 1500x Hybrid Container has a larger tolerance for external temperature, ranging from -40℃ to +70℃ (previous models: -35℃ to +65℃). This means that it is less susceptible to temperature fluctuations during the transportation process, making the products inside it more secure.


Typically for hybrid containers, this new vessel model is capable of self-charging in colder environments. Yet, what may be called a small revolution is its independent runtime. According to the producer, the 1500x Hybrid Container can run without charging for 270 hours, making it extremely effective.

Is the 1500x Hybrid Container Truly a Revolution?

The 1500x Hybrid Container started the new generation of such vessels. Considering its features and specifications, it is far better than the previous products from the same producer. Yet, to decide whether it is revolutionary, we need to wait for the response from other hybrid containers manufacturers. Perhaps they will also surprise us with their new inventions. Nevertheless, Skycell once again paves the way for further improvements. Improvements that make medicine and vaccine transportation even more effective and safe.


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