Slot Machine Games With Bonus Rounds

When playing at the best online casinos for real money, consumers receive various offers from the operators. The most common is the startup bonus, where casino credits accumulate in the player’s account based on the first deposit. Many websites have such praise for regular users. Free spins are also among the offers found on internet slots.

Popular Online Slots Bonus Features

Flashy bonuses

Most of the bonuses of this type of game are quite attractive, so much so that many casinos even allow them to be combined with each other. 

Random prize

In the joker123 casino there is a chance that you will get a random prize, where you just have to click and wait for some amazing reward to be unlocked.

Free spins

Some games come with a win doubling feature, some trigger random bonuses and some add a scatter with free spins. That is why free spins are an excellent benefit for players since their rewards are greatly increased. 

Pick Me Bonus

The Pick Me or Pick ‘Em bonus is triggered by hitting three or more major bonus symbols on the reels. Players usually go to the second screen and choose between 8 and 12 items. Each game gives hidden prizes, multipliers, and sometimes free spins.

Scattered Wild Combos

Some slots give cash bonuses if you hit symbol compositions on the reels. They have the possibility of being Scatters only on the middle reels, or Scatter and Wild together.

Route bonus

The Path Bonus is triggered when three or more Bonus Scatters are placed on the reels. It works like a board game, where you spin the wheel or roll the dice on the second screen to put your character on the path to victory.

Combat rounds

The functionality of the bonuses in several of the modern free online slots is that they have war rounds (or jackpots). In these, the selected “combatants” fight until they find victory. There’s not a lot of skill involved here, since it’s all about choosing fighters.

Progressive multiplier

Instead of bonus rounds, some slotxo games have progressive multipliers. In most cases, these take the form of a meter down the side of the reels running 1x, 2x, 3x, and so on. The more consecutive wins you get, the more prominent the meter will be.

Skill games

Increasingly, developers are incorporating ability-based games into their slots.

These bonus rounds require more than just grabbing boxes. Instead, you have to click to aim and shoot at targets to hit your opponents. The more you hit, the more you win.

Pros and cons

Just as this game has its great advantages, it also has some points that you should consider. Right now we will show you both parts so that you are aware of it


Being free you will not lose money

You have the possibility to practice different strategies or discover new machines

You don’t have to wait like you would in land-based casinos, just log in to the website or app and play


It is likely that when you start winning you will want to bet money, so it can get a bit boring over time. Although you can play to test the machines, some casinos may limit how many times you can do so. You need to have an internet connection to access the machines

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