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Small Business Marketing on Instagram: A Mini-guide for Business Owners

With over one billion monthly active users, and 500 million daily users, Instagram is a powerful platform for small businesses to reach new potential customers and generate more conversion rates. According to Business Instagram, 25 million business profiles and 2 million advertisers use Instagram to market their products and services. As of January 2021, 78% of marketers worldwide used Instagram to promote their businesses. If you are a small business owner wondering how to use the social media platform to grow your online sales, continue reading this post. Here, we will review some of the best practices in Instagram marketing. 

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1. Use Your Business Instagram Account.

If you are using Instagram for business, switch to a public business account in the first place. An Instagram business account will give you access to various tools and features, including Instagram analytics, clickable link in Bio, Instagram shoppable posts, ads, and more.

The Benefits of Having an Instagram Business Account 

2. Optimize Your Bio.

Instagram gives you 150 characters to explain to your audience what you do. Therefore, you should use it wisely. Be sure to include valuable business information such as email, phone number, or a link to your website. You can also add relevant hashtags to help more people find your profile. Choosing a suitable username and catchy picture can add more credibility to your profile. 

3. Reach Out to More Targeted Followers. 

You should have a clear understanding of your target audience, who are more likely to be interested in your content, product, or service. Once you have identified your target audience, the next step is to reach out to as many of them as possible. There are many ways to boost your organic Instagram followers. Collaborating with the right Instagram influencers to spread the word about your brand or products is a helpful strategy to get more targeted followers. However, picking the right influencer for your business is not easy at all. Fortunately, you can connect conveniently with the right influencers within your industry using an influencer marketing agency

Also, by using the right hashtags, you can get more Instagram followers. When you use a specific and relevant Instagram hashtag in your content, it becomes searchable from the Search & Explore page. If you add hashtags that contain the keywords your target audience is searching for, you increase the chance of attracting more qualified followers to your page. Additionally, you can invest in an Instagram growth service to grow your following. 

4. Keep Your Followers Engaged. 

Along with the follower count, you should also pay attention to the engagement rate. Let’s be clear: it is better to have a smaller but engaged audience than a large number of people who do not care about your content. You can improve your engagement rate in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of them:

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  • Post Consistent High-quality Content 

Consistency is the key. Sharing regular and consistent posts can keep your followers engaged and attract new ones to your page. Moreover, publish your post at a time when you know most of your followers are online. Remember that the quality of your posts is much more important than quantity. If you are not sure what type of content people like, check out competitors in your industry to see what gets the most engagement. Generally, carousel or video posts receive more attention. 

You should keep your content organized and coherent with a consistent tone, voice, and style. Get rid of old and irrelevant posts that don’t represent your brand well anymore. In this case, you can use an Instagram post deleter to handle the process more quickly. 

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  • Run Contests & Giveaways

Tailwind’s study revealed that Instagram contests and giveaways get nearly 64X more comments and 3.5X more likes than other content. According to the research, 91% of IG posts that achieved more than 1000 comments involved a contest or giveaway. Thus, running Instagram contests and giveaways is a proven way to grab your followers’ attention and spread the word about your business without being too promotional. You can use an Instagram giveaway picker to choose random winners across many giveaway posts.

  • Interact With Your Followers

Try to build reliable relations with your followers by responding to their comments and questions or sharing their content. And remember that your content doesn’t have to be always sales-related or aimed at only making a sale. Sometimes sharing advice, tips, recommendations, or small talk through Instagram stories or Instagram Live can help you establish a more personal, deeper, and trustable connection with your followers. You can also take advantage of Instagram polls, ask questions, or DMs to encourage more engagement with your followers. Additionally, find a way to show your gratitude for the engagement and support you receive from your community. You can reward your followers for their loyalty and keep them engaged on your page by offering discounts, giveaways, and even donations.

  • Remove Inactive Followers 

Finding and removing inactive (or ghost) Instagram followers is crucial for a better engagement rate. Therefore, you had better constantly remove those who are inactive or serve no purpose to you. However, if you have lots of them in your account, removing them one by one can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming task. That is why you need an effective Instagram unfollow app to help you increase the chances of generating more engagement. 

 5. Monitor Instagram Insights 

To reap the best results, you should track your marketing performance and enhance it over time. First of all, define your goals, whether it is to build brand awareness, generate qualified leads, or increase sales. Then, go and find the tools that help you measure them.

Instagram offers detailed analytics, known as Insights, for business accounts that can be very handy. Instagram Analytics gives you data about follower growth, impressions, reach per post, purchases, and information about what your audience likes. It shows you what type of posts and products are well-liked by your audience, which ones deserve more promotion, and what kind of inventory is worth adding. Moreover, it lets you learn more about people engaging with your posts or following you. From there, you can click on each relevant metric to view more detailed analytics.

Final Words on SBM on Instagram 

Instagram can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. If done correctly, Instagram marketing can build your brand, generate leads, and increase your sales for free. If you have not leveraged Instagram to grow your business yet, you’re seriously missing out on many opportunities in today’s highly competitive market. By following the best practices outlined here and improving your knowledge by reading more related articles on the topic, you’ll be on top of Instagram marketing.

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