Solving syllogism reasoning questions easily

Every competitive exam has this section. It is very crucial because the more it has the more weightage which makes candidates pass or finish the exam. We are talking about the reasoning section. The reasoning part is included in the bank, railways, Civil services, or other examination. Many prelims level examinations have syllogistic reasoning questions. Syllogism reasoning questions are nothing but an argument sentence. Candidates have to draw the relevant conclusion. However, the tricky questions won’t be as easy as everyone thinks. It may contain complex arguments. Thus, aspirants require proper guidance and effective tips to pass the hurdle of syllogistic questions.

How to solve syllogistic reasoning questions easily?

Prepare Venn Diagrams

11th grade and 12th-grade scholars are aware of the Venn diagram concepts who studied Mathematics. They are represented through circles and labelled. Preparing Venn diagrams while solving syllogism reasoning questions will help you choose conclusions easily.  These simple diagrams help candidates in understanding the whole argument and picking the right answer. But before taking a pencil and start drawing Venn diagrams, here are few important rules to consider:

  • Venn diagrams must represent the statement accurately. For instance, some dogs are pen, here is the illustration.
  • The basic diagram must meet the conclusion
  • If the conclusion does not meet the basic diagram, you are not following the right track.

Read the statements thoroughly

Many aspirants don’t have a reading habit. As a result, they misinterpret the question and deliver the wrong answer. It results in negative markings and losing crucial marks. Before choosing the answer it is important to read questions twice. Examiners set complex questions that oblige you to think much. Two or more statements are there to confuse aspirants. Finding a logical conclusion is a challenging task. Therefore, candidates must figure out the authenticity of the conclusion by referring to Venn diagrams. It helps them to draw the correct conclusion.

Don’t make false assumptions

Syllogism questions are not like lucky draw systems where wrong assumptions work. Remember that most of the exams have a negative marking scheme. So don’t take a risk. Focus on the data that the questions mentioned. While writing the answer, no extra thinking or diverting from the statement is required. Stick to one data and write the conclusions accordingly. The same principle is applied to logical reasoning puzzles. If you also don’t want to make false assumptions, stick to basics and accurate knowledge only. Don’t get misguided with wrong information. Shaded and non-shaded areas are enough to draw the conclusion.

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Pay attention to phrases

Syllogism questions contain words like all, some, few and others. Pay strict attention to it. One misinterpretation will cost you plenty. Wrong understanding takes you on an inappropriate approach and you will not deliver the correct conclusion. The statement itself is the answer and to get its hint, draw Venn diagrams and refer it multiple times. Draw diagrams according to the statement. For your reference we provided one Venn diagram above in this blog. In the above illustration, it is clearly understood that some dogs are pen.

Summing up

At last but not the least, we recommend scholars to stick to basics and practice reasoning questions as much as possible. It tests the critical ability and knowledge power. Practice as many questions you get for the better preparation. Also, solve different types of syllogistic questions to hone the aptitude skills. There are plenty of study materials to prepare the reasoning section. Mock tests, sample papers and previous year’s papers are few resources that prepare. But always remember that when you solve the question, don’t forget to draw Venn diagrams.

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